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Public Comments

Policy changes and other documentation under consideration by Seattle Housing Authority and available for public comment.

Documentation under consideration Comment Period Send comments to:
2015 Proposed Budget and 2015 Draft MTW Plan

The comment period was previously open for Seattle Housing Authority's 2015 Draft Budget and 2015 Draft Plan for the Moving to Work program.

For more information, go here for the draft plan and budget.
HUD approved the 2015 MTW Plan on February 19, 2015. Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Triennial recertifications: Change in eligibility and temporary suspension in implementation

In order to make programming changes to SHA's new software Yardi, SHA has temporary suspended the triennial recertification cycle. As a result, all public housing households will experience a regular annual review of their income and eligibility in 2013.

Once programming is in place (projected for the first half of 2014), SHA will resume triennial recertification cycles. Going forward, public housing households where all adult members are elderly and/or disabled will be eligible for triennial reviews, regardless of income source. In some communities, funding requirements may not allow full implementation of triennial reviews, regardless of whether households meet SHA's definition of eligibility.
- Full summary of proposed changes
This new eligibility standard was originally out for public comment and approved with the 2013 MTW (Moving to Work) Plan. This notification is to alert residents of the new definition and temporary delay to allow for programming of SHA's software system. Please contact your property management office with any questions about this policy.
Safety Net Assistance Program (SNAP) Eligibility Requirements

This proposed revision to the existing Safety Net Assistance Program (SNAP) would expand eligibility to allow Housing Choice Voucher households that participate in the Savings Match program to also enroll in SNAP, in case they encounter a financial hardship that would threaten to make them homeless in the first year after they voluntarily give up their subsidy.
- Summary of proposed changes
Ended December 9, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Technical Amendment to Amended and Restated Moving to Work Agreement
The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) is proposing a technical amendment to its Amended and Restated Moving to Work Agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This amendment will be the third amendment to the agreement and concerns Section 1 of Attachment A, which defines the calculation of operating subsidy for SHA's public housing. The original language in the attachment has grown out of date and, as a result, imposes an artificial cap on the amount of operating subsidy for which SHA can qualify. This amendment will allow SHA to receive operating funding for existing public housing units that had previously been restricted to only capital funding based on the outdated language.
- Amendment to SHA MTW Agreement
- Amended and Restated Moving to Work Agreement
Ended November 30, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
2013 Proposed Budget and 2013 Draft MTW Plan
Comment period is now open for Seattle Housing's 2013 Draft Budget and 2013 Draft Plan for the Moving to Work program
More information
Ended October 1, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Vacate Agreement for Transferring Households
• The Agency has revised SHA Form 1129 – “Vacate Agreement for Transferring Households” to assist residents and management in the transfer process between two SHA communities.

• The purpose of this form is to give the resident early notice about the availability of a unit and for the resident to indicate acceptance of that unit and agree to a vacate date.

• According to the Vacate Agreement, the resident will have 7 days after the day the resident receives keys to the new unit to completely vacate their old unit, unless another arrangement has been discussed with management. The agency will accommodate requests for additional days to vacate the old unit due to circumstances beyond the resident’s control.

• If a resident does not completely vacate the old unit, then the agency has the authority to enter and remove any remaining personal belongings and start preparing the unit for the next available resident. The belongings removed from the unit will not be stored.

• This policy does not apply to ADA transfers or other special needs transfers.

For more information:
- Transfer policy update compared with original policy
- Revised form SHA-1129: Vacate Agreement for Transferring Household
Ended July 13, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Interior Moisture, Mold, and Fungus Remediation
This proposed policy provides guidance on roles and responsibilities for how to closely coordinate work between Maintenance, Property Management and Residents to prevent, manage, and remediate units that have damage caused by excess interior moisture, mold, and/or fungus.

For more information:
- Interior Moisture Control Policy
Ended July 13, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Interpretation and Translation Policy
• Upon request the agency will provide a professional interpreter to assist a resident with official agency business related to obtaining and maintaining housing. For informal matters, resident has the option to have a family member, a friend, or an agency employee to assist with interpretation.

• If a resident misses an appointment with a professional interpreter, then resident may be charged for the cost of the interpreter service, however a waiver is available based on circumstances.

• A notice translated in multiple languages that warns of consequences if resident does not respond will be attached to official agency documents vital to a resident obtaining or maintaining housing.

For more information:
- Interpretation and Translation Policy draft
Ended July 13, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Amendment to the 2012 MTW Plan and the MTW Agreement with HUD
The Seattle Housing Authority is also inviting public comment on four changes related to the Moving to Work (MTW) program. The plan amendment summary explains the changes:

For more information:
- Summary of proposed changes
- Amendment to the MTW agreement
Ended April 9, 2012 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Home-based business policy
The goal of the revised Home Based Business Lease Addendum and policy manual is to provide consistent standards for how Home Based Businesses should operate on Seattle Housing Authority properties.

For more information, view a summary of the proposed policy.
Ended Oct. 21 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to
Non-smoking policy
It is proposed that the non-smoking policy be expanded to and implemented in all Seattle Housing properties including Low Income Public Housing, Hope VI, Special Portfolio and privately managed properties, effective January 1, 2012.

For more information, view the draft policy. (updated Oct. 31)
Ended Sept. 30 Comment period is now closed. Questions can be directed to