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Replacement Housing

The Seattle Housing Authority Board of Commissioners approved a replacement housing plan for the High Point redevelopment, to serve residents whose incomes are below 30 percent of the area median income.

In total, 716 units will be replaced. This includes 425 units on-site at High Point. 350 of these are operated by Seattle Housing Authority, and serve extremely low income households. In addition, Providence Health Systems has built and leased Elizabeth House, a 75-unit apartment house for low-income elderly residents.

The remaining units may be replaced on-site or off-site, in buildings owned by Seattle Housing Authority, or in partnership with another housing provider.

More information on Seattle Housing Authority's commitment to replacement housing.

Replacement housing results

As of the end of 2014, 688 units (96 percent) of housing affordable to extremely low income households have been replaced.

Name Photo Manager Units Types
High Point High Point public housing Impact Property Management 350 24 1-bedroom
115 2-bedroom
184 3-bedroom
24 4-bedroom
3 5-bedroom
South Shore Court South Shore Court Seattle Housing Authority 8 5 1-bedroom
2 2-bedroom
1 3-bedroom
Elizabeth House Elizabeth House Providence Health & Services 75 74 1-bedroom
1 2-bedroom
Gossett Place Gossett Place Low Income Housing Institute 12 12 Studio or 1-bedroom
Haddon Hall Haddon Hall Plymouth Housing 10 1 Studio
9 1-bedroom
Rose Street Apartments Rose Street Apartments Bellwether 4 4 2-bedroom
Lam Bow Apartments Lam Bow Apartments Seattle Housing Authority 50 9 1-bedroom
29 2-bedroom
12 3-bedroom
Kenyon House Kenyon House Bellwether, Building Changes, Sound Mental Health 18 18 studios
Delridge Triplexes   Seattle Housing Authority 6 6 2-bedroom
McDermott Place McDermott Place Low Income Housing Institute 10 10 studios
Park Place Park Place Retirement Housing Foundation 26 26 studios and 1-bedroom
Pardee Townhouses Pardee Townhouses Bellwether 3 1 3-bedroom
1 4-bedroom
1 3- or 4-bedroom
Casa Pacifica Casa Pacifica Bellwether 11 11 2-bedroom
Bellevue and Olive Bellevue and Olive Bellwether 5 1 2-bedroom
4 3-bedroom
Villa Park Villa Park Seattle Housing Authority 5 3 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom
Longfellow Creek Apartments Longfellow Creek Apartments Seattle Housing Authority 9 4 1-bedroom
5 2-bedroom
Mercer Court Apartments Mercer Court Apartments Bellwether 3 3 2-bedroom
Cascade Court Cascade Court Bellwether 5 3 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom
Dekko Place Dekko Place Compass Housing Alliance 5 5 2-bedroom
Bergan Place Bergan Place Compass Housing Alliance 8 8 2-bedroom
Nhon's House First Place 5 5 3-bedroom
Lakeview Apartments Lakeview Apartments Low Income Housing Institute 5 5 2-bedroom
Crestwood Place Crestwood Place Mt. Baker Housing Association 6 6 2-bedroom
Brettler Family Place II Brettler Family Place II Solid Ground 21 12 2-bedroom
9 3-bedroom
Emerald City Commons Emerald City Commons Mercy Housing NW 12 6 2-bedroom
6 3-bedroom
Imani Village Imani Village First Place 8 8 3-bedroom
The Parker The Parker Bellwether Housing 8 8 2-bedroom