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Redevelopment Plan

The homeWorks project's renovation of public housing high-rises is taking place in three phases and will conclude in the summer of 2009. W.G. Clark Construction is the general contractor for the project and DKA Architects leads the design team.

Construction details

Renovation in most buildings includes:

  • Painting, sealing or applying new coatings to exteriors
  • Replacing galvanized waterlines with new copper pipes
  • Replacing furniture and finishes in common areas
  • Replacing intercom control equipment
  • Replacing building ventilation fans

In addition, the following work is being done on some buildings, depending on their specific needs:

  • Repairing roofs
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing some unit finishes (e.g. countertops, flooring, paint)
  • Completing remaining elevator rehabilitation
  • Finishing boiler replacements
  • Reconfiguring the drive and drop-off area at Olive Ridge

Renovated buildings

Phase one of the project is done. Construction was completed on Ballard House, Beacon Tower, Capitol Park, Green Lake Plaza, Harvard Court, International Terrace, Lictonwood and Olive Ridge.

Phase two is also complete. Work was finished on Cal-Mor Circle, Cedarvale House, Center Park, Lake City House, Olympic West, Queen Anne Heights and University West.

Phase three permits have been obtained and construction has begun. Barton Place, Center West, Jackson Park House, Ross Manor, Stewart Manor, University House and West Town View are part of phase three.

Redevelopment timeline

2005 — Communications with residents and service providers about upcoming construction begins.

2006 — A resident advisory group is formed. Phase one construction begins, including eight buildings.

2007 — Rehabilitation of the first buildings in phase one is completed, on time and under budget.

2008 — Construction in phase two is completed in November.

2009 — Phase three construction will be completed, and the service lives of 22 buildings extended.