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Replacement Housing

In September 2003, the last of 210 low-income housing units originally located at Roxbury House and Village were replaced. 145 of these units were replaced on-site.

With Seattle Housing Authority's purchase of Wisteria Court, the Roxbury replacement housing program was the first of the agency's HOPE VI redevelopment projects to achieve its full one-for-one replacement goals.

More information on Seattle Housing Authority's commitment to replacement housing.

Name Photo Manager Units Types
Westwood Heights Westwood Heights Seattle Housing Authority 130 30 studio
100 1-bedroom
Longfellow Creek Apartments Longfellow Creek Apartments Seattle Housing Authority 30 15 1-bedroom
15 2-bedroom
Wisteria Court Wisteria Court Seattle Housing Authority 20 5 1-bedroom
15 2-bedroom
Westwood Court & Longfellow Court Westwood Court & Longfellow Court Lutheran Alliance to Create Housing 15 2 2-bedroom
6 3-bedroom
6 4-bedroom
1 5-bedroom
Multi-family residences   Seattle Housing Authority 9 9 2-bedroom
Meadowbrook View Meadowbrook View Low Income Housing Institute 6 3 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom
1 4-bedroom