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Lam Bow Apartments

Lam Bow Apartments

Lam Bow Apartments Redevelopment

6935 Delridge Way SW (Delridge between Willow & Myrtle)

The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) purchased the Lam Bow apartments in 2002 as replacement housing for the redevelopment of High Point.  In 2016, the southernmost building caught fire, residents were provided with relocation options, and the building was subsequently demolished. 

Since the fire, SHA has been working on replacement of the lost units and exploring options for redeveloping the site to increase the amount of housing that it will provide. 

SHA began conducting outreach with the Delridge neighborhood in the spring of 2018, specifically with the North Delridge Neighborhood Council, Delridge Neighborhood Development Association, and the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council (DNDC).  The design team for Lam Bow met with DNDC on April 18th to discuss preliminary plans with building residents, and sent a flier with this information to the neighbors in anticipation of community meeting later this summer.

An early design guidance meeting was held on May 3, 2018.  

Redevelopment Priorities:

  • Replace units lost due to the fire & provide new units beyond the original 51 units:
  • Approximately 80 unit mix of 1,2, & 3 bedrooms
  • Units will be affordable (income-restricted) up to 60% of area median income
  • 80 parking spaces will be provided on-site
  • Sidewalks will be provided on east side of 23rd Ave
  • Provide open space for residents


Next Steps:

  • Continue Design Review process
  • Obtain Master Use and Building permits


For more information or to provide comments, please contact or 206.615.3534.