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Kebero Court

Kebero Court

Kebero Court was the first new residential building to open as part of SHA’s Yesler Terrace redevelopment. It was completed in April of 2015 and that month began welcoming current and returning Yesler residents, along with residents new to the community. Kebero Court was named for a style of drum important to cultural traditions in East Africa, reflecting the heritage of many who call Kebero Court home or who live and work in the surrounding neighborhood.

Kebero Court was designed to accommodate individuals and a range of family sizes. The apartments suited for large families have their own private entries, allowing easy access to the outdoors and the playground for children. The courtyard located in the interior of the building complex includes beautiful landscaping, pedestrian walkways, low-wall seating and outdoor lighting. All apartments at Kebero Court have outlooks to the courtyard or surrounding neighborhood, and many feature views of south Seattle and Mt. Rainier.

Kebero Court features:

  • Six-story apartment building and three townhome buildings
  • 103 apartments in a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units
  • Community gathering room
  • Central courtyard and playground
  • On-site management office
  • Advanced ventilation systems for improved air quality
  • 1,312 square-foot green roof system that absorbs rainwater and helps to lower urban air temperatures
  • A choice of non-carpeted units for households with respiratory health considerations
  • Parking garage with 55 parking spaces, free to residents
  • ADA accessible units
  • Secured building with security cameras and keycard access
  • Bike storage
  • Energy efficient appliances, LED lighting and low VOC paint
  • Double and triple-pane windows to reduce noise and conserve heat
  • Consistency with environmental and sustainability building standards