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Frequently Asked Questions - Ready to Rent

Frequently Asked Questions - Ready to Rent

What is Ready to Rent?
Ready to Rent is a free, two-day course that can help you learn skills to find a home and prepare you to be a successful tenant.

I have been renting for a long time, why would this be relevant?
This class covers a wide range of information that can be helpful for people at any point in their rental career. If you’re thinking about moving, this class may help give direction on preparing financially (savings, goal setting, credit repair, etc.); if you’re unsure how to initiate a move with your current landlord, this class may give tips on things to remember as you’re going through the move-out process (move-out checklist, landlord references, rental resume, etc.); if your relationship with your current landlord has soured, this class may help you navigate through some of those tough issues and provide tools you may need to advocate for yourself as a tenant.

I have been looking for a place to live in Seattle for a long time, and haven’t had any luck; why should I come to this class?
Over the past few months, the City of Seattle has started to enforce the First-In-Time Ordinance and Alternative Source of Income Civil Rights Protections to our Fair Housing Laws. The Seattle Office of Civil Rights will present during the Ready to Rent class on current Fair Housing Laws that will help to empower you through out your apartment search.
The class also discusses current housing search strategies, establishing your housing needs, navigating  housing applications, common struggles that may come up on a background check and how to beat those struggles, and choosing a neighborhood.

What do I get out of this class?
After completing both days of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you can present to landlords. In addition, you will be connected to other agencies who will be presenting, including Seattle Office of Civil Rights, Solid Ground, Seattle Housing Authorities’ Economic Opportunities, among others.

Two days is a lot of time, are both days required?
In order to receive the certificate, both days are required. If you’re only able to attend one day, arrangements can be made to attend the second day at another time.

I do not live close to Seattle Housing Authority’s Central Office. Do you offer classes outside of Queen Anne?
Yes. Our monthly classes are held in different parts of the city. Please check out our class schedule at our website to find a class that is conveniently located for you.

Who is eligible to attend?
Any current Seattle Housing Authority resident, voucher holder, or applicant for housing or vouchers can attend the class. Folks who have been struggling in their relationship with their landlords, neighbors, or who are considering a move are especially encouraged to attend. Any SHA Voucher holder who has yet to find a place to live is eligible and encouraged to attend. Classes are also open to attendees for non-SHA residents or voucher holders.

Where do I sign up and who do I contact with questions?
You can sign up at our website:

Questions? Call Ryan Lucas at 206.239.1524.