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Low Income Public Housing buildings and communities are located throughout Seattle. Apartments come in a range of bedroom sizes. Click on a building or community name to learn more about its location, surrounding neighborhood, amenities, and to see what it looks like.

Ballard House Barton Place Beacon Tower Bell Tower Cal-Mor Circle Capitol Park Cedarvale House Cedarvale Village Center Park Center West Denny Terrace Green Lake Plaza Harvard Court Holly Court International Terrace Jackson Park House Jackson Park Village Jefferson Terrace Lake City House Lictonwood Olive Ridge Olympic West Queen Anne Heights Ross Manor Stewart Manor Tri-Court University House University West West Town View Westwood Heights Yesler Terrace Low-Income Public Housing locations


Property Type Units Bedroom sizes
Ballard House 2 Medium-sized building 78 1-bedroom
Cedarvale House Medium-sized building 118 1 & 2-bedroom
Cedarvale Village Family townhomes 23 3 & 4-bedroom
Green Lake Plaza Medium-sized building 129 Studio & 1-bedroom
Jackson Park House Medium-sized building 69 1-bedroom
Jackson Park Village Family townhomes 41 3 & 4-bedroom
Lake City House Medium-sized building 113 1-bedroom
Lictonwood Medium-sized building 80 1-bedroom
Tri-Court 1 Small buildings 86 Studio & 1-bedroom
University House Medium-sized building 101 1-bedroom
University West Medium-sized building 112 1-bedroom


Property Type Units Bedroom sizes
Bell Tower Medium-sized building 118 Studio & 1-bedroom
Capitol Park Medium-sized building 124 1-bedroom
Center West Medium-sized building 90 Studio & 1-bedroom
Denny Terrace Large building 218 Studio, 1 & 2-bedroom
Harvard Court Medium-sized building 80 Studio & 1-bedroom
International Terrace Medium-sized building 99 1-bedroom
Jefferson Terrace Large building 299 Studio & 2-bedroom
Olive Ridge Medium-sized building 105 1 & 2-bedroom
Olympic West Medium-sized building 73 Studio & 1-bedroom
Queen Anne Heights Medium-sized building 50 Studio & 1-bedroom
Ross Manor Medium-sized building 99 1-bedroom
West Town View Medium-sized building 59 1-bedroom
Yesler Terrace The Yesler Terrace waiting list is currently closed due to redevelopment efforts.


Property Type Units Bedroom sizes
Barton Place Medium-sized building 89 1-bedroom
Beacon Tower Medium-sized building 107 1-bedroom
Cal-Mor Circle Medium-sized building 73 1 & 2-bedroom
Center Park 3 Medium-sized building 132 Studio, 1 & 2-bedroom
Holly Court Small buildings 96 1-bedroom
Stewart Manor Medium-sized building 72 1-bedroom
Westwood Heights 2 Medium-sized building 129 Studio & 1-bedroom

Scattered Sites

Not shown on the map above are the hundreds of Scattered Sites properties owned and managed by Seattle Housing Authority. Scattered Sites are located throughout the city and include multi-family buildings and apartment buildings that are generally smaller than the buildings listed above. They are most often located near transit, with easy access to shopping, parks, schools, and neighborhood services that meet the needs of low-income residents.


1 — Tri-Court is a non-smoking property.

2 — Westwood Heights and Ballard House are "senior preference" properties. No one under the age of 62 is being referred to either building.

3— Center Park is an all-accessible property for the physically challenged.