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Memorial service for Korean War veteran and all veterans at Seattle Housing Authority


Memorial service for Korean War veteran and all veterans at Seattle Housing Authority

SEATTLE—November 20, 2017— Last summer, Seattle Housing Authority’s West Town View community lost a longtime member, James McAdams, a combat veteran who had served his country in the Korean War. The American Legion has arranged to have a high-ranking military officer attend a ceremony to honor McAdams. SHA Executive Director Andrew Lofton will attend the ceremony, which will also honor all the veterans served by SHA.

When: Monday, November 20, 2017, 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Where: West Town View apartments, 1407 2nd Ave West, Seattle WA 98119

In writing about McAdams, Ben Beehner, an SHA property manager shared the following statement, “On his last afternoon, he asked a friend and fellow veteran to join him as he raised his own American flag in West Town View’s beautiful and quiet courtyard. As the sun set on that warm summer day, these two old friends struggled to get out of their scooters, attach the flag and raise it to full staff. As they had done as young men serving their nation in war, that evening they honored America once more. When the task had been finished, the two friends saluted the flag together. That evening, neighbors recall seeing James enjoying a steak dinner with a glass of cognac. For those who knew him, this was a very rare sight to see. That night in his apartment, he laid out old pictures of friends and family on his desk. Then, in the waning hours of darkness just before dawn, James went out to the south lawn. Next to the courtyard, just below the waving flag he had raised, James took his own life.

To honor his memory, a tree was planted in the south lawn of West Town View. The white dogwood will bloom every spring and will stand outside the courtyard, near the flag that the veteran loved so dearly. Today there will be a plaque placed near the tree.

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