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Greetings from Sam Parker SHA's Americorps volunteer


Greetings from Sam Parker SHA's Americorps volunteer

In the fall of 2018, I joined the Seattle Housing Authority as an AmeriCorps member, serving as an Aging-in-Place specialist. I engage residents in community activities at all 22 Seattle Senior Housing Program (SSHP) buildings.

As part of SHA's Aging-in-Place initiative, I coordinate with residents on a wide range of activities from CPR trainings to watercolor classes.

I support residents who are willing to volunteer and share their skills. I also seek outside partnerships that can bring new energy and information to the SSHP communities.

I hope to create programs that are both impactful and engaging for residents. I’m currently setting up mindfulness classes and technology clinics that I will lead this spring in several buildings.

I hope to pursue a career serving seniors and am learning about the unique needs of this population.

This fall I plan to attend law school, as my future goal is to practice Elder Law. I hope to help seniors navigate their unique legal issues like writing wills and combating guardianship abuse.

One of my personal goals this year is to help bring Senior Legal Clinics from Sound Generations to the majority of the SSHP buildings.

My favorite part of my service experience has been to hear the life stories of SHA’s senior residents. They are an incredible group of people!

I’ve met writers, artists, managers, meditators, entrepreneurs, travelers, volunteers, hikers and many other talented and interesting individuals. I cherish the many lessons I’ve learned from them.

I’ve been amazed by both the residents and the dedication of the Seattle Housing Authority to serve residents. In my tenure here, I’ve witnessed the passionate work of my SHA Community Service colleagues.

They have inspired me to work harder and connect more deeply with our residents. Without their support and guidance, I would not be able to accomplish nearly as much during my service year. I would like to thank them and all the residents that have influenced me.