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Tax Exempt Status

Seattle Housing Authority, a public corporation of the State of Washington created in 1939 under the provisions of chapter 35.82 RCW, is exempt from all taxes and special assessments of the city, county, the State of Washington, or any other political subdivisions of the State in accordance with the provisions of State law, RCW 35.82.210.

The agency's sales tax exemption is further authorized in the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC), Title 458, for the State Department of Revenue. WAC Section 458-20-189 Paragraph (6) on Retail Sales Tax Exemptions states that retail sales tax does not apply to:

"Sales to city or county housing authorities which were created under the provisions of the Washington housing authorities law, chapter 35.82 RCW. However, prime contractors and subcontractors for city or county housing authorities should refer to WAC 458-20-17001 (Government contracting – Construction, installations, or improvements to government real property) to determine their tax liability."

Additional tax exemption documentation (689 KB, download Adobe Reader) is available.

License and identification numbers

License or identification name Number
IRS Federal ID 91-6000977-W
State of Washington Unified Business License 601-328-125-000
City of Seattle Business License 0043116-000
Washington State Tax Reporting 600 200 233
State of Washington General Contractor License SEATTHA075JH
Industrial Insurance Account 103,894-00-2
Employment Security Account 930064-10-5
State of WA Special Fuel Tax User License 28149
State Wide Vendor Number SWV 0013999-01

Additional information

If you have questions regarding the application of the retail sales tax exemption to the Seattle Housing Authority, contact Janet Hayes, Controller, at 206-615-3581. For invoice payment questions, contact the Accounts Payable staff: Brenda Mix (206-615-3421) or Tran Wong at (206-615-3483).