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Staff Directory

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Employee name Phone Title Department
Abdi, Abdirashid(206) 722-1444Property Assistant TempHousing Operations
Abdi, Asha O.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Abdi, Mohamed H.(206) 571-8129.Housing Operations
Abdi, Rahma A.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Abdulhamid, Abdulaziz(206) 615-3353Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Abraha, Fitsum(206) 223-3758Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Abraha, Tzegai A.(206) 770-6851LandscaperHousing Operations
Abraham, Jane E.(206) 615-3357Property ManagerHousing Operations
Adair, Steve(206) 770-6806Field SupervisorAsset Management
Adam, Aliya S.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Adem, Hayat I.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Ady, Richard(206) 770-6870Maintenance ManagerHousing Operations
Aebi, Kevin L.(206) 770-6860PlumberHousing Operations
Aladwan, Mohannad(206) 615-3447Application Specialist IIIInformation Technology
Alderman, Anthony(206) 615-3449Application Specialist IIIInformation Technology
Alemae, Kalayu(206) 320-1256Property AssistantHousing Operations
Alfieri, Tony F.(206) 417-3880CarpenterAsset Management
Alibejsi, Ray(206) 770-6860EngineerHousing Operations
Alsubayee, Mohanad(206) 932-2736Vacate Technician, TraineeHousing Operations
Aly, Azhari(206) 850-0014Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Aly, Musa(206) 760-3280Property Mgt Associate TraineeHousing Operations
Amendolia, Jean(206) 615-3423Compliance Policy & Trng MgrHousing Operations
Anardi, Pat(206) 770-6721Operations Prog. AdministratorHousing Operations
Andom, Abraham(206) 770-6736LandscaperHousing Operations
Andrews, Samuel(206) 223-5357Property AssistantHousing Operations
Antoine, Gregory(206) 615-3394Sr Contract Admin/Buyer 3Finance & Admin Services
Apostol, Edward(206) 615-3443Network AdministratorInformation Technology
Ararsa, Amin M.(206) 250-1736Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Araya, Isaac A.(206) 419-2390Property AssistantHousing Operations
Archer, Daniel(206) 239-1667Housing SpecialistHousing Operations
Armstrong, Kathryn(206) 615-3561Senior Development Program MgrDevelopment
Armstrong, Mary A.(206) 239-1716Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Armstrong, Patti(206) 615-3379Administrative AssistantFinance & Admin Services
Asfaha, Mares(206) 722-4010Youth Program Coord, TempHousing Operations
Asphy, Tyron(206) 770-6861Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Atkins, Noah(206) 239-1670Central Services ManagerHousing Choice Voucher
Badley, Greg M.(206) 417-3880M.M. Floor Coverer, Red CircleHousing Operations
Bahta, Alem G.(206) 223-3758Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Bailey, RobbMaint. Supervisor - Site BasedHousing Operations
Bardwell, Tiwania(206) 527-6017Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Barker, Lacey(206) 239-1572Housing CounselorHousing Choice Voucher
Barlet, George(206) 615-3596Construction Project ManagerDevelopment
Barnes, Sarah(206) 239-1522Admissions ManagerHousing Operations
Barnett, Dexter(206) 615-3327Human Resources AnalystHuman Resources
Barnett, Vicky J.(206) 770-6863Inventory & Warehouse SpecHousing Operations
Bartholme, Valerie(206) 615-3521Construction Project ManagerAsset Management
Basener, David J.(206) 770-6851Grounds Lead WorkerHousing Operations
Beasley, Debbie(206) 239-1623Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Becton, Ruby J.(206) 932-6942Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Beehner, Ben(206) 239-1684Property ManagerHousing Operations
Bell, Gary(206) 716-1310Solid Waste SupervisorHousing Operations
Bell, Ricky(206) 763-0944Property AssistantHousing Operations
Benson, Michelle(206) 615-3313Executive AssistantHousing Operations
Bentley, Christopher(206) 417-3880Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Berg, Barbara R.(206) 615-3372Risk Control ManagerFinance & Admin Services
Bezemer, Denille(206) 239-1525Policy Analyst, SeniorExecutive
Bill, Steven P.(206) 770-6721LaborerHousing Operations
Bisbee, Joseph(206) 615-3567Fraud InvestigatorExecutive
Bizzell, Kenyatta(206) 615-3339Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Blowers, Ross(206) 770-6857Trade Supervisor/VacatesHousing Operations
Boone, Nanci(206) 770-6734Industrial CleanerHousing Operations
Borden, Jon R.(206) 770-6721CarpenterHousing Operations
Bougard, Darrell D.(206) 770-6733M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
Bouska, Arianna(206) 239-1575Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Brandon, Rod C.(206) 615-3510Director, Housing OperationsHousing Operations
Breed, Kim(206) 615-3356Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Brennan, Thomas(206) 770-6734Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Brock, Karen(206) 615-3325Executive AssistantHuman Resources
Brosell, Linda J.(206) 615-3571Associate General CounselExecutive
Brown, Earnest(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Brown, Paul W.(206) 545-2452Property AssistantHousing Operations
Brunner, Pamela(206) 721-2980Housing InspectorHousing Operations
Bryngelson, Joy(206) 343-7484Community BuilderHousing Operations
Buell, Maria(206) 239-1533Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Bui, Loc(206) 721-2982Maint Mech, HOPE VIHousing Operations
Bullis, Robert D.(206) 281-9152Property AssistantHousing Operations
Buyea, Bridgette C.(206) 615-3482Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Cade, Jordynn(206) 239-1784Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Cadigan, Michele(206) 239-1525College InternExecutive
Calleja, Jeniffer(206) 722-4010Community BuilderHousing Operations
Camacho, Kim(206) 615-3356Property Mgmt Associate, Temp.Housing Operations
Cameron, Courtney(206) 239-1724Strategic Advisor IIExecutive
Campfield, CindyHR Analyst, Temp On-CallHuman Resources
Canon, David L.(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Castillo, Antonio(206) 770-6806Painter, TemporaryAsset Management
Castro- Lopez, Jose O.(206) 770-6734LandscaperHousing Operations
Chan, Andy(206) 239-1530Community BuilderHousing Operations
Chand, Elvin(206) 615-3445Application Specialist IInformation Technology
Chang, Mark S.(206) 615-3584Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Chapman, J. Eric(206) 770-6876Grounds Maintenance SupervisorHousing Operations
Chatburn, Chris(206) 615-3385Accounting Supervisor IFinance & Admin Services
Che-Osser, Xuan(206) 239-1606Property ManagerHousing Operations
Chen, Mike K.(206) 239-1676Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Chen, Richard(206) 615-3457Network AdministratorInformation Technology
Cheshev, Yuriy(206) 615-3528Asst Construction Proj ManagerDevelopment
Chin, Stephen(206) 615-3396Contract Admin/Buyer IIFinance & Admin Services
Choudhary, Shazia(206) 615-3514Property ManagerHousing Operations
Chung, Hung Quoc(206) 417-3880M.M. Painter, Red CircleAsset Management
Cleveland, Cassie(206) 239-1679Property ManagerHousing Operations
Cochran, Jacolby(206) 760-3280Vacate TechnicianHousing Operations
Colburn, Gabrielle(206) 239-1578Housing CounselorHousing Choice Voucher
Coleman, Bobby(206) 615-3513Resource Conservation SupvHousing Operations
Coleman, CamillaCustomer Service Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Collins, Carl R.(206) 443-4351Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Collins, Mallard R.(206) 615-3346Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Connolly, Phillip(206) 615-3356Painter, TemporaryHousing Operations
Connor, PaulLaborer, TemporaryHousing Operations
Copeland, Andy B.(206) 770-6854GlazierHousing Operations
Costello, Lisa J.(206) 770-6724Accounting Technician IIHousing Operations
Coughlin, Kerry(206) 615-3506Director, CommunicationsExecutive
Crites, Josh(206) 239-1682Strategic Advisor IHousing Operations
Cummer, Jared(206) 615-3575Strategic Advisor IAsset Management
Curry, Kari D.(206) 615-3428Accounting ClerkFinance & Admin Services
Cuthrell, Ruthie(206) 223-3758Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Dang, Huyen N.(206) 615-3424Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Daniels, Jonathan(206) 361-1880Property AssistantHousing Operations
Davis, Arlynch(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Davis, Glenn(206) 615-3450Network Tech IIInformation Technology
Day, Mallory L.(206) 615-3562Senior Budget AnalystAsset Management
Deitz, Richard(206) 615-3391Budget AnalystFinance & Admin Services
Deloney, Coryell E.(206) 770-6851LandscaperHousing Operations
DeMars, Teresa(206) 721-2980Administrative Specialist IIHousing Operations
DenAdel, Gary L.(206) 762-3305Vehicle SupervisorHousing Operations
Dessie, Gashaw(206) 615-3358Budget AnalystFinance & Admin Services
Diaz, Alicia A.(206) 760-3280Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Do, Kim T.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Doan, Tam V.(206) 721-2980Maint Mech, HOPE VIHousing Operations
Dodge, Jim(206) 770-6807Carpenter SupervisorAsset Management
Doherty, Andrew O.(206) 615-3524Senior Development Program MgrAsset Management
Dressler, Lisa M.(206) 760-3283Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Dryden, Theresa(206) 615 3452Application Specialist IIInformation Technology
Duggins, Maxsine(206) 615-3337Portability CoordinatorFinance & Admin Services
Duim, Randy(206) 770-6807Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Duong, Anh-Nga(206) 387-3630Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Duong, Kevin V.(206) 770-6851LandscaperHousing Operations
Duong, Sabrina L.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Duong, Thu Thai(206) 588-4900Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Duran, Jose(206) 770-6809Painter, TemporaryAsset Management
Dyer, Anna(206) 615-3519Recycling & Waste AnalystHousing Operations
Eanes, Tom(206) 615-3414Senior Development Program MgrDevelopment
Edwards, David(206) 239-1643HCV Information SpecialistHousing Choice Voucher
Eide, Andy(206) 239-1649Occupancy SupervisorHousing Choice Voucher
Embaye, Yohannes K.(206) 409-4969Property AssistantHousing Operations
En, Sochenda(206) 770-6851LandscaperHousing Operations
Eng, Jack K.(206) 932-2736Painter, TemporaryHousing Operations
Enghedom, Rezene A.(206) 770-6721Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Farah, Abdi-Asis A.(206) 721-2980Property ManagerHousing Operations
Farah, Nimo W.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Farinas, Ric(206) 239-1619Occupancy SupervisorHousing Choice Voucher
Farmer, Christopher(206) 770-6861ElectricianHousing Operations
Fearn, James E.(206) 615-3570General CounselExecutive
Fiske Zuniga, Anne(206) 615-3480Deputy Executive DirectorExecutive
Fitch, Kerri L.(206) 615-3389Payroll ManagerFinance & Admin Services
Fitts Dani(206) 615-1725Policy Analyst, SeniorExecutive
Flannery, John H.(206) 770-6872Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Fletcher, Lucas(206) 615-3554Budget AnalystAsset Management
Forbes, Cynthia A.(206) 239-1675Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Forsyth, John H.(206) 615-3579Community Svs. AdministratorHousing Operations
Foss, Donna M.(206) 615-3343Admin Assistant, Property MgmtHousing Operations
Francisco, Brannden(206) 239-1627Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Francisco, Daniel C.(206) 615-3393Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Freeman, Emma(206) 721-2997Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Fsehatsion, Freweini W.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Fujita, Roger Yukio(206) 722-4010Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Fyre, Terry A.(206) 770-6726Asbestos Abtmnt Wkr/Supv/LeadHousing Operations
Gable, Elana M.(206) 615-3335Application Specialist IIInformation Technology
Galiney, Terry(206) 615-3493Senior Development Program MgrDevelopment
Galloso, Cesar A.(206) 770-6727Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Garrett Jr., Albert R.(206) 239-1682Property ManagerHousing Operations
Garrett, Kimberly(206) 615-3501Senior Exec Asst to Exec DirExecutive
Gartner, Lyle C.(206) 770-6851LandscaperHousing Operations
Gebre, Debesai H.(206) 770-6730Industrial CleanerHousing Operations
Gebregiorgis, DanielVacate Technician, TraineeHousing Operations
Gebremicael, Tesfai(206) 223-3758Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Gibson, Edward(206) 350-1267Property AssistantHousing Operations
Gimmi, Paul E.(206) 932-6942HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Goldsmith, Phillippia(206) 723-1725Community BuilderHousing Operations
Gonzalez, Jose(206) 932-2736Landscaper, TemporaryHousing Operations
Gonzalez, Linh(206) 239-1532Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Gossaye, Ashenafi(206) 588-4318Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Goto, Jenny F.(206) 239-1665Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Operations
Grady, Dale L.(206) 443-4481Property AssistantHousing Operations
Grant, Colin(206) 615-3323HR Technician IHuman Resources
Gribble, Geraldine G.(206) 730-2140LandscaperHousing Operations
Griffith, April(206) 615-3556Executive AssistantDevelopment
Grimnes, Michael T.(206) 770-6861Electrician Supervisor, RCHousing Operations
Grober, Roland R.(206) 770-6872Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Grochowski, Lisa A.(206) 770-6731Grounds Lead WorkerHousing Operations
Gruber, Lois M.(206) 314-2848Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Guillen, AnthonyProperty AssistantHousing Operations
Haase, Christopher(206) 615-3332Human Resources AnalystHuman Resources
Habte, Asmeret(206) 239-1530Community BuilderHousing Operations
Habtemariam, Wubnesh G.(206) 760-2709Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Habtu, Bainosay T.(206) 770-6854Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Hackney, Tina(206) 767-4437Property AssistantHousing Operations
Hadgu, Shiwanesh G.(206) 223-3758Laundry CustodianHousing Operations
Hadi, Ammar(206) 932-2736Vacate TechnicianHousing Operations
Haile, Habte(206) 770-6730Janitor, TemporaryHousing Operations
Hall, Ebony(206) 239-1628Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Hall, Regina M.(206) 770-6873Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Hall, Solomon(206) 615-3356Industrial Cleaner, TemporaryHousing Operations
Hallberg, Karmin C.(206) 239-1584Coordinator, WOSExecutive
Halviatti, Brisa(206) 615-3547Program AnalystHousing Operations
Hamam, Mawada M(206) 932-2736Property Mgmt Associate, Temp.Housing Operations
Hamam, Moayad(206) 932-2736Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Hamid, Saadia(206) 724-2078Education Engagement SpecHousing Operations
Hannah, Daniel E.(206) 770-6791Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Hansen, Chuck(206) 770-6733Trade Supervisor/Vacates, RCHousing Operations
Hassan, Ahmed(206) 615-3424Compliance AuditorHousing Operations
Hawk, Kevin(206) 932-2736Landscaper, TemporaryHousing Operations
Hayes, Janet S.(206) 615-3581ControllerFinance & Admin Services
Heart-Myers, Tristan(206) 239-1680Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Helmer, Matt(206) 239-1726Policy Analyst, SeniorExecutive
Henderson, Curtis L.(206) 510-9153M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
Hendrix, Monique(206) 932-2736Property Mgt Associate TraineeHousing Operations
Henke, Holly(206) 615-3552Digital Content ManagerExecutive
Henley, Mel(206) 615-3472Sr Contract Admin/Buyer 3Finance & Admin Services
Hersi, Abdillahi M.(206) 760-3280.Housing Operations
Higashi, Alan(206) 484-1417M.M. Floor Coverer, Red CircleHousing Operations
Higashi, Gary S.(206) 722-2548M.M. Painter, Red CircleAsset Management
Higashi, James(206) 935-3181PlumberHousing Operations
Higgs, Katrina(206) 281-9357Property AssistantHousing Operations
Hill, Larry J.(206) 344-5837Job Placement SpecialistHousing Operations
Hillman, Courtney(206) 367-0833Community BuilderHousing Operations
Hillman, Mark(206) 313-2937Construction Project Mgr, TempAsset Management
Hing, Syla(206) 239-1577Housing CounselorHousing Operations
Hinshaw, Mark(206) 615-3416Senior Development Program MgrDevelopment
Hirata, Terry(206) 721-2980Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Hoang, Michelle(206) 239-1637Program AnalystHousing Choice Voucher
Hobby, Chad F.(206) 417-3880CarpenterAsset Management
Hobson, Rebecca(206) 615-3441IT Project ManagerInformation Technology
Hoffer, Al(206) 615-3381Contract Admin/Buyer IIFinance & Admin Services
Hoffman, ParkerProperty Assistant TempHousing Operations
Hoffman, Robert(206) 760-3280Vacate TechnicianHousing Operations
Homan, BretVacate Technician, TraineeHousing Operations
Hong, Lily J.Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Hoskins, Chrisshanda(206) 320-0456Property AssistantHousing Operations
Houghtaling, Natasha(206) 239-1632Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Howard, Leo(206) 770-6725LandscaperHousing Operations
Howard, Lonney L.(206) 932-6942Property AssistantHousing Operations
Huang, Zhen(206) 770-6857Residential Electrician, TempHousing Operations
Hudson, James(206) 770-6735LandscaperHousing Operations
Hughes, Jason(206) 206-935-Property AssistantHousing Operations
Humphrey, Patricia A.(206) 782-5954Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Humran, Nehm M.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Hurst, David(206) 770-6861ElectricianHousing Operations
Hussein, Fantahuen M.(206) 770-6730LaborerHousing Operations
Huynh, Lai N.(206) 770-6735CarpenterHousing Operations
Hwang, John Jiunn-Yuh(206) 770-6861ElectricianHousing Operations
Ibarra, Helen J.(206) 615-3517Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Ilijasevic, JelenaProperty AssistantHousing Operations
Ishitani, Adam(206) 770-6727M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
It, Vung S.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Jackman, Helen A.(206) 721-2980AttendantHousing Operations
Jackson, Vernida K.(206) 615-3364Admin Spec II/Telecommunicat.Finance & Admin Services
Jameson, Clifton M.(206) 314-0234Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Jenkins, Ron(206) 344-5837Economic Opportunities Coord.Housing Operations
Johnsen, Steve(206) 615-3426CarpenterHousing Operations
Johnson, Eric(206) 770-6731LandscaperHousing Operations
Johnson, Madreas V.(206) 770-6872Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Johnson, ShamMerrelle J.(206) 721-2980Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Jones, DanielFloor Coverer, TemporaryHousing Operations
Joss, Doug(206) 770-6857CarpenterHousing Operations
Jung, Mike(206) 239-1653HCV Technical TrainerHousing Choice Voucher
Kammer, Tawnee(206) 770-6793Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Kane, Robert V.(206) 770-6854Trade Supervisor/Vacates, RCHousing Operations
Kapustin, Vladimir(206) 239-1638Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Kasuboski, Amanda(206) 615-3363Application Support AnalystInformation Technology
Kelmendi, Shkelqim(206) 615-3555Policy Analyst, SeniorExecutive
Kennedy, Jessica(206) 223-3758Administrative Specialist IIHousing Operations
Kennedy, Katie D.(206) 615-3433Accounting Technician IFinance & Admin Services
Keo, Ashley(206) 760-3280Vacate Technician, TraineeHousing Operations
Ketola, Walt(206) 770-6733PlumberHousing Operations
Kidane, Simon(206) 499-8531Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Kilgore, BonitaSection 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Kim, Sun-Hae(206) 770-6723Admin Assistant, Sr.Housing Operations
Kimbowa, Alice(206) 239-1570Occupancy SupervisorHousing Choice Voucher
Klaeysen, Chris(206) 615-3546Policy Analyst, SeniorExecutive
Koehler, Sven U.(206) 239-1755Relocation Housing CoordinatorHousing Operations
Kortekaas, Jeffery L.(206) 770-6860Plumber SupervisorHousing Operations
Kotas, Karl(206) 932-8107Property AssistantHousing Operations
Kovtunenko, Mykola(206) 770-6723Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Kubile, Vilia(206) 615-3380Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Kuppens, Alicia(206) 770-6812Coordinator IAsset Management
Kwong, Luanne(206) 320-0056Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Lam, Suzie J.(206) 361-1423Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Lance, Wendy H.(206) 615-3387Budget Analyst, TemporaryFinance & Admin Services
Landes, Ruth(206) 615-3453IT Applications ManagerInformation Technology
Lanske, Tom(206) 770-6721Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Lauff, Louise C.(206) 615-3376Sr Contract Admin/Buyer 3Finance & Admin Services
Lazaga, Andria L.(206) 615-3546Director, PolicyExecutive
Le, Johnny N.(206) 760-3280Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Le, Marc(206) 239-1685Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Le, Nhung M.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Le, SumMaintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Le, Thu T.(206) 770-6854M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
LeBlanc, Jake(206) 239-1668Property Mgmt. AdministratorHousing Operations
Lee, Jeffery O.(206) 615-3365Administrative Specialist IIFinance & Admin Services
Lee, Jenny(206) 760-2709Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Leger, Erena(206) 770-6730Property AssistantHousing Operations
Leise, Jim(206) 770-6733Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Levo, Melissa(206) 615-3516Utilities & Energy Mgmt AnlystHousing Operations
Lew, Jeffery J.(206) 239-1633Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Leynes, Rowennah C.(206) 239-1781Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Lin, Ada(206) 239-1525College InternExecutive
Lindboe, Ann-Marie(206) 615-3553Dir. Housing Fin & Asset MgmtAsset Management
Lindenmuth, Glenn E.(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Lindsey, Jimmy R.(206) 770-6733GlazierHousing Operations
Linse, Susanna(206) 615-3593Communications ManagerExecutive
Liu, Kai(206) 615-3514Property AssistantHousing Operations
Lofton, Andrew J.(206) 615-3500Executive DirectorExecutive
Long, Evette M.(206) 443-4481Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Lucas, Ryan(206) 239-1524Housing CounselorHousing Choice Voucher
Ludden, David(206) 527-5629Property AssistantHousing Operations
Luke, Sean C.(206) 571-4537CarpenterHousing Operations
Lundberg, Randy F.(206) 770-6809Construction Operations Mgr.Asset Management
Lyles, James(206) 696-3931PlumberHousing Operations
Machida, Jefferson(206) 239-1629Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Marghani, Ali S.(206) 730-2147M.M. Carpenter, Red CircleHousing Operations
Maricle, Fredrick A.(206) 320-0756Property AssistantHousing Operations
Marsh, Stanley E.(206) 320-1256Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Martin, Jacqueline(206) 320-7745Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Maslah, Hodan H.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Mathisen, Lauren(206) 615-3532Senior Housing DeveloperDevelopment & Asset Management
Mauter, Melyssa(206) 716-1310Utilities & Energy Mgmt Asst.Housing Operations
Maxwell, Bill(206) 615-3454Network Tech IIInformation Technology
May, JameeAssistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Mayton, James(206) 615-3560Senior Budget AnalystAsset Management
McAllister, Daigen J.(206) 571-6861Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
McDowell, Steve(206) 615-3442Chief Information OfficerInformation Technology
McGahee, Kenneth(206) 730-2140LandscaperHousing Operations
McGrew, Margaret(206) 239-1649Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
McKee, Saron L.(206) 615-3550ADA CoordinatorExecutive
McKenna, Sean(206) 615-3559Housing Developer-Hsg Fin AsocAsset Management
McLean, Martin C.(206) 417-3687M.M. Painter, Red CircleAsset Management
McMurtry, Mike(206) 721-2980Maint Mech, HOPE VIHousing Operations
McVey, Kerry K.(206) 770-6806LaborerAsset Management
Means, Donald S.(206) 615-3572Deputy General CounselExecutive
Mero, Nancy(206) 510-9173LandscaperHousing Operations
Middleton, Matthew(206) 239-1648Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Midkiff, Dennis(206) 770-6730CarpenterHousing Operations
Miller, LaSaundrea O.(206) 223-5357Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Mills, Jeffery L.(206) 417-3880Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Minnitti, Monica(206) 239-1687Housing SpecialistHousing Operations
Mishler, Kyle L.(206) 770-6792Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Mix, Brenda L.(206) 615-3421Accounting Supervisor IFinance & Admin Services
Moham, Machdusoh(206) 932-2736Vacate Technician, TraineeHousing Operations
Mohamed, Alihaid O.(206) 932-2736Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Mondares, Nancy(206) 770-6858Trade Supervisor/Vacates, RCHousing Operations
Money, Carlena(206) 239-1635Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Montgomery-Owens, Deanna C.(206) 239-1652HCV Cert Specialist, SeniorHousing Choice Voucher
Moody, James Lee Allen(206) 223-5357Property AssistantHousing Operations
Moore, Kelvin T.(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Vehicle MechanicHousing Operations
Moran, Robert R.(206) 716-1310VehicleMechanicHousing Operations
Morla, KarenAssistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Morris, Elizabeth(206) 239-1626HCV Cert Specialist, SeniorHousing Choice Voucher
Morris, Michelle(206) 239-1681Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Mosher, Michele(206) 615-3522Executive AssistantExecutive
Muchiri, JacquilineProperty AssistantHousing Operations
Muktar, Abdullahi(206) 384-3396Property AssistantHousing Operations
Munger, Wayne O.(206) 417-3880M.M. Floor Coverer, Red CircleAsset Management
Musa, Muktar S.(206) 223-3758LandscaperHousing Operations
Nagano, Susan R.(206) 615-3382Treasury CoordinatorFinance & Admin Services
Naganuma, Miki(206) 615-3413Policy & Program ManagerHousing Operations
Nasreldin, Essam(206) 615-3451Network EngineerInformation Technology
Navrides, Roxanne(206) 615-3530Construction Project ManagerAsset Management
Ndlovu, Albert(206) 239-1621Inspection & Owner Svs SupvHousing Choice Voucher
Neal, John(206) 615-3577Fraud InvestigatorExecutive
Needham, Rich(206) 615-3324Health Safety & Emerg Mgmt MgrHuman Resources
Negusse, Kiros(206) 361-1423Property AssistantHousing Operations
Nelson, Bob(206) 510-9167EngineerHousing Operations
Nelson, Brandon J.(206) 423-8813ElectricianHousing Operations
Nelson, Quinn(206) 722-1214Property AssistantHousing Operations
Nemeth, George(206) 615-3415Senior Housing DeveloperDevelopment
Nettles, Ralph(206) 615-3515Contract Manager, Housing Ops.Housing Opportunities
Newberry, Karl H.(206) 770-6737Maintenance ManagerHousing Operations
Newell, Anthony(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Nguyen, Anh(206) 615-3378Program AnalystFinance & Admin Services
Nguyen, Bao(206) 932-2736Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Nguyen, Cuong Pham H.(206) 932-2736Maint Mech, HOPE VIHousing Operations
Nguyen, David P.(206) 770-6854Painter, TemporaryHousing Operations
Nguyen, Hang(206) 239-1634Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Nguyen, Hung(206) 770-6734Painter, TemporaryHousing Operations
Nguyen, John(206) 588-4314Job Placement SpecialistHousing Operations
Nguyen, NgocBao Thi(206) 770-6733M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
Nguyen, Thang Q.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Nguyen, Thanh V.(206) 239-1664Customer Service Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Nguyen, Thu Xuan T.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Nguyen, Trung M.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Nguyen, Vinh Q.(206) 770-6730Industrial CleanerHousing Operations
Nguyen, Vinh V.(206) 760-3280Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Nham, Terry S.(206) 223-2326Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Nibarger, Erik(206) 417-3880M.M. Painter, Red CircleAsset Management
Nilsen, Marc(206) 615-3322Director, Human ResourcesHuman Resources
Nolan, Patrick A.(206) 417-3880LaborerAsset Management
Nolton, Mark((206)) 763-30Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Nordness, Cicily(206) 239-1655Supportive Svs. CoordinatorHousing Operations
O'Brien, Angela(206) 760-3280Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
O'Connor, Davina(206) 223-3758Property ManagerHousing Operations
O'Donnell, Kevin A.(206) 423-8165ElectricianHousing Operations
Obiya, Ricky(206) 239-1691Housing SpecialistHousing Choice Voucher
Oglesby, Tera(206) 615-3331Strategic Advisor IHuman Resources
Olauson, DouglasMaintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Olson, Richard C.(206) 615-3527Development Project Coord.Development
Omar, Abubakar(206) 760-3296Property Mgmt. Associate IHousing Operations
Ostrander, JeremyFloor Coverer, TemporaryHousing Operations
Owens, Martha(206) 239-1677Property ManagerHousing Operations
Paananen, Kathlyn(206) 615-3548Senior Housing DeveloperDevelopment
Page, Cynthia(206) 615-3392Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Palmason, Brent(206) 615-3558Construction Project ManagerAsset Management
Palmer, Liam(206) 239-1641Housing SpecialistHousing Operations
Peoples, Yolanda A.(206) 588-4324Administrative AssistantHousing Operations
Perez, Angelo(206) 972-4689Landscaper, TemporaryHousing Operations
Perkins, Ariel(206) 239-1630Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Perry, Thaddeus(206) 770-6870Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Petersen, Kim L.(206) 615-3448Application Specialist IIInformation Technology
Peterson, Karen(206) 770-685Pest Control & Hazmat SupvrHousing Operations
Pham, Duc V.(206) 932-2736Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Pham, Hai N.(206) 770-6728LandscaperHousing Operations
Pham, Hao V.(206) 721-2980Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Phan, Tina(206) 239-1622Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Phillips, Michael A.(206) 763-3076Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Phillips, Sophia E.(206) 722-4010Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Pickford, Kehau(206) 615-3347Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Pierce, Katie(206) 239-1636Issuance SupervisorHousing Choice Voucher
Pierce, Samuel A.(206) 913-9227Section 3 Employment Coord.Housing Operations
Pirtle-Blayney, Jill(206) 239-1580Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Podolsky, Alex(206) 770-6861ElectricianHousing Operations
Polk, William S.(206) 721-2999Property AssistantHousing Operations
Pollard, Fanisha(206) 239-1629Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Pond, Darrin D.(206) 716-1310Solid Waste LaborerHousing Operations
Pond, Michael(206) 730-2140LandscaperHousing Operations
Price, Jeff(206) 770-6860Plumber, TemporaryHousing Operations
Pritchard, Johanna T.(206) 615-3419Executive Assistant, Supv.Finance & Admin Services
Proctor, Douglas A.(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Profit, Megan L.(206) 615-3407Program AnalystHousing Operations
Quichocho, Rudy(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Ramadhan, Ayda M.Section 3 Trainee, Temporary .
Rang, Yuan D.Budget Analyst, TemporaryFinance & Admin Services
Reed, Aaron C.(206) 223-5357Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Reed, Kathleen M.(206) 239-1662Program AnalystHousing Operations
Reeder, Dave(206) 615-3455Telecommunications CoordinatorInformation Technology
Reyes, Martin B.(206) 223-3758Laundry CustodianHousing Operations
Rheubottom, Kimetha(206) 615-3346Property ManagerHousing Operations
Rice, Myron L.(206) 760-3280Maint. Supervisor - Site BasedHousing Operations
Rich, Meaghan(206) 770-6876LaborerHousing Operations
Richmond, Jena(206) 615-3473Contracts & Procurement Mgr.Finance & Admin Services
Riggle, Mai Lan(206) 206-721-Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Rinehart, SimonMaintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Ring, Warren(206) 615-3459Network Tech IIInformation Technology
Roach, Andrew W.(206) 763-0944Property ManagerHousing Operations
Robele, Asha A.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Roberts, Todd(206) 770-6860EngineerHousing Operations
Rodriguez, Janet(206) 615-3321HR Technician IHuman Resources
Rogers, Charles(206) 770-6806Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Rohde, Aaron(206) 679-6912ElectricianHousing Operations
Rohde, Richard(206) 615-3498Senior AccountantFinance & Admin Services
Rubio-Reboca, Eva L.(206) 239-1540Housing CounselorHousing Operations
Sabau, Sorin(206) 730-1854Electrician, TemporaryHousing Operations
Sabin, Cheryl A.(206) 588-4311Economic Opportunities Coord.Housing Operations
Sahagun, Maria Socorro G.(206) 615-3328HR Benefits AdministratorHuman Resources
Salinas, Shannon(206) 320-1256Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Sampson, Corey(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Samuels, Keith(206) 465-4092Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Sanchez, Micaela(206) 770-6850Administrative Specialist IIHousing Operations
Santoyo, Guillermina(206) 250-9335LandscaperHousing Operations
Satterlund, Rebecca(206) 239-1523Executive AssistantHousing Choice Voucher
Schmidt, Lorili(206) 615-3338Property ManagerHousing Operations
Schwartzenberger, Lisa M.(206) 239-1672Owner LiaisonHousing Choice Voucher
Scott, Bessie(206) 239-1582Strategic Advisor IHousing Choice Voucher
Scott, David(206) 361-0357Property AssistantHousing Operations
Scott, Valerie(206) 615-3329Human Resources Analyst, SupvHuman Resources
Selleck, Larry(206) 770-6861ElectricianHousing Operations
Seraile Jr., Mark A.(206) 770-6870Industrial Cleaner, TemporaryHousing Operations
Seraile, Mark A.(206) 770-6860PlumberHousing Operations
Shangguan, Weina(206) 615-338Accounting Technician IFinance & Admin Services
Shelton, Jeramy(206) 770-6851Pest Control TechnicianHousing Operations
Sherman, Randy J.(206) 770-6734Trade Supervisor/Vacates, RCHousing Operations
Shibuya, Jonathan J.(206) 623-1089Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Shirley, Jason L.(206) 932-6942HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Shostak, Elisa(206) 615-3574Real Estate Paralegal, On-CallDevelopment
Shubina, Anastasiya(206) 239-1607Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Shutes, Nancy L.(206) 770-6880HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Sialoi, Garrison(206) 721-2980Vacate Technician Trainee TempHousing Operations
Simmons, Jeffrey L.(206) 932-0214Property AssistantHousing Operations
Simonson, Wendy(206) 615-3526Construction Project ManagerAsset Management
Sims, William J.(206) 770-6720Inventory & Warehouse SpecHousing Operations
Sinke, Gebreselassie H.(206) 770-6851Industrial CleanerHousing Operations
Smiley, Tricia D.(206) 615-3529Asset Mgmt Info SpecialistAsset Management
Smith, Beka(206) 615-3576Coord Policy & Strat InitExecutive
Smith, Matthew(206) 770-6721Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Smith, Robert L.(206) 770-6727M.M. Floor Coverer, Red CircleHousing Operations
Snyder, Erica(206) 615-3541Risk Control CoordinatorFinance & Admin Services
Song, Jennifer(206) 239-1527Coordinator IIDevelopment
Spates, Pasqualina(206) 239-1683Housing CounselorHousing Operations
Speer, Jodell L.(206) 239-1620Housing Choice Voucher ManagerHousing Choice Voucher
Spence, Raymun(206) 770-6806Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Spencer, Edwin(206) 615-3347Property AssistantHousing Operations
Sribhibhadh, Cindy M.(206) 615-3302Property Mgmt. AdministratorHousing Operations
Stafford, William(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Stanley, Bobby E.(206) 223-3758Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
Starkey, John F.(206) 722-2548Asbestos Abatement WorkerHousing Operations
Steffenson, Shannon L.(206) 615-3458IT Infrastructure ManagerInformation Technology
Stehlik, Lori A.(206) 615-3478Development Project Coord.Development
Stephens, Deon A.(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Suarez, James(206) 361-0357Property ManagerHousing Operations
Subba, GyanendraEconomic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Suckie, O'Neil R.(206) 910-1002M.M. Carpenter, Red CircleAsset Management
Sutherland, Joyce(206) 615-3569ParalegalDevelopment
Swenson, Eric J.(206) 615-3444Application Specialist IInformation Technology
Tadesse, Elias(206) 239-1644Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Tanaka, Ed(206) 615-3523Construction Project ManagerAsset Management
Taylor, Dolores(206) 239-1618HCV Cert Specialist, SeniorHousing Choice Voucher
Taylor, Jeff(206) 615-3383Accounting Supervisor IIFinance & Admin Services
Taylor, Rebecca A.(206) 615-3481Executive AssistantAsset Management
Taylor, Wesley(206) 239-1640Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Tedla, Bocre(206) 760-3280Maint Mech, HOPE VIHousing Operations
Thao, Neng(206) 417-3880M.M. Painter, Red CircleAsset Management
Thomas, Jonathan(206) 527-8207Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Thomas, Teroshua S.(206) 932-2736Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Thompson, Rebecca L.(206) 320-1256Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Tift, Leigh Ann(206) 615-3326Labor Relations NegotiatorHuman Resources
Tippens, Linda K.(206) 615-3520Commercial Leasing CoordinatorAsset Management
Ton, Kevin(206) 615-3360College Intern Office WorkerFinance & Admin Services
Torres, Annaliza M.(206) 782-1959Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Tran, H. Sonny(206) 239-1624Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Tran, Quan Van(206) 770-6721M.M. Painter, Red CircleHousing Operations
Tran, Thu-Van T.(206) 760-3280Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Trinh, Thanh Huong T.Section 3 Trainee, TemporaryHousing Operations
Tucker, Craig(206) 770-6807Carpenter, TemporaryAsset Management
Tucker, Don(206) 615-3475Sr Contract Admin/Buyer 3Finance & Admin Services
Ulo, Issa B.(206) 760-3280Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Umagat, Martha V.(206) 770-6725Administrative Specialist IIHousing Operations
Umali, Francesca(206) 239-1533Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Ursua, Maria G.(206) 615-3594Supportive Svs. CoordinatorHousing Operations
Vailencour, James D.(206) 770-6860PlumberHousing Operations
Van De Plasch, Joseph(206) 615-3356Carpenter, TemporaryHousing Operations
Van Dyke, Stephanie A.(206) 615-3525Director of DevelopmentDevelopment
Van Houten, Laura(206) 223-5357Property ManagerHousing Operations
Vanamathin, Joe(206) 239-1536Housing CounselorHousing Operations
Virgil, James B.(206) 722-2548Asbestos Abatement WorkerHousing Operations
Vo, Tyson(206) 239-1579HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Vo, Van V.(206) 344-5837Economic Opportunities SpecHousing Operations
Wade, Floyd(206) 239-1534Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Wait-Hoy, Lora E.(206) 721-1457HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Walior, Joseph T.(206) 932-2736Maint. Supervisor - Site BasedHousing Operations
Wandell, Linda A.(206) 615-3573Associate General CounselExecutive
Watanabe, Fumiko(206) 239-1576Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Watson, Kevin(206) 716-1310Solid Waste Worker, CDLHousing Operations
Webster, Carl(206) 770-6870LandscaperHousing Operations
Welch, Jo Kelly(206) 615-3346Back-up Resident ManagerHousing Operations
Weldemichael, Nuguse(206) 770-6861Industrial CleanerHousing Operations
Wellenberger, Carol A.(206) 615-3557Real Property Acquisition MgrAsset Management
Wellings, Dave(206) 239-1686Senior Property ManagerHousing Operations
Werede, Amenaai(206) 770-6857Maintenance MechanicHousing Operations
West, Cynthia(206) 239-1616Dir Rental Assist ProgramsHousing Choice Voucher
West, Fenny T.(206) 615-3386Accounting Technician IFinance & Admin Services
Westerman, Jennifer(206) 615-3486HOST AdministratorHousing Operations
Westman, Marilyn J.(206) 615-3395Sr Contract Admin/Buyer 3Finance & Admin Services
White, Nancie B.(206) 615-3512Executive AssistantHousing Operations
White, Tier L.(206) 239-1535Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Whitney, Derek L.(206) 615-3518Utilities & Energy Mgmt AnlystHousing Operations
Wiles, Katherine S.(206) 239-1617Certification Specialist IIHousing Choice Voucher
Willeman, Lee(206) 615-3374Labor Compliance OfficerFinance & Admin Services
Williams, Travis(206) 932-2736Maintenance TechnicianHousing Operations
Winterling, Jeff(206) 443-4351Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Winton, James S.(206) 770-6735Grounds Lead WorkerHousing Operations
Wolters, Lisa(206) 239-1520Director, Intergov't RelationsExecutive
Wong, Kwun(206) 239-1673Certification Specialist IHousing Choice Voucher
Wong, Melissa E.(206) 615-3460Accounting Technician IFinance & Admin Services
Wong, Tran M.(206) 615-3483Accounting Technician IIIFinance & Admin Services
Woo, Ana C.(206) 615-3446App Spec I - Payroll/HRInformation Technology
Woo, Scott P.(206) 615-3417Budget ManagerFinance & Admin Services
Wood, Jamie M. A.(206) 239-1531Contract Coordinator, HCVHousing Choice Voucher
Wright, Denise(206) 239-1608Property ManagerHousing Operations
Wright, Shurvon(206) 760-3284Property ManagerHousing Operations
Wyciskala, Tina A.(206) 615-3470Contracts & Procurement Mgr.Finance & Admin Services
Wyda, Bob(206) 716-1310Environmental Services ManagerHousing Operations
Yapp, Shelly(206) 615-3390Chief Financial OfficerFinance & Admin Services
Yim, Thy(206) 932-2736Assistant Property ManagerHousing Operations
Younger, Terri Z.(206) 721-1457HQS InspectorHousing Choice Voucher
Zerai, Sereke G.(206) 223-3758Property AssistantHousing Operations
Ziontz, Ellen D.(206) 239-1625Community BuilderHousing Operations
Zue, Mike(206) 730-2140LandscaperHousing Operations