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Seattle Housing Authority provides rent subsidy payments to owners and landlords of privately owned buildings through its Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). The agency administers the voucher program and determines whether tenants are eligible. The buildings are managed and leased by their owners, who screen tenants for suitability.

Seattle Housing Authority residents

We have launched a digital portal for landlords. The new system will make it easy for users to

  • review Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) over several years
  • download copies of 1099 forms
  • view inspection results
  • look up tenant information
  • find the latest program updates

If you haven't signed up for direct deposit yet, you can find the form here.

Biennial Inspections began Sept. 1, 2013 to increase efficiency and make it easier for landlords and tenants

How the program works, and information on rents and payment, leasing, annual inspections, workshops, and submitting rental listings.

An overview of the program (also known as the Moderate Rehabilitation Program), along with forms and documents for landlords.

A program overview, helpful forms and documents, meeting notes and details, and staff contact information.