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High Point

High Point, Seattle Housing Authority's largest family community, entered the initial stages of redevelopment in 2004.

Years of thoughtful planning and building came to fruition as residents moved back into their new homes, and the dream of reconnecting the High Point neighborhood with the rest of West Seattle became a reality.

High Point homes

Initial funding for the project came from a $35 million HOPE VI grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1999.

Together with other funding sources totaling more than $550 million, the money was used to replace all of the original 716 worn-out public housing units built in the 1940s with mixed-income housing for renters and home owners.

Those who have seen High Point take shape agree that its success is the result of the close cooperation between planners, residents and other community stakeholders. The result is a spectacular new neighborhood.