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Rainier Vista

Rainier Vista is located in the heart of the Rainier Valley, one of the most culturally diverse communities in the country with 59 different languages spoken in teh 98118 zip codes district.

The redevelopment that has taken place in the neighborhood builds on that rich diversity and will eventually be home to approximately 895 households across all income levels, including senior housing. On-site community services such as the Boys and Girls Club, Neighborhood House, community parks and p-patch program; proximity to the area's new light rail line; and location near the shops and services of Columbia City are helping make it one of the most desirable new neighborhoods in Seattle in which to live. To date, 739 rental and homeownership units have been created within Rainier Vista. Another 156 units will be completed in the upcoming four years. Below is a detailed list of what we have built and the remaining housing projects that will be completed in the future:

Unit Type Affordability Completed to Date Future Units
On-Site Housing Units

Public Housing/SHA 0-30% MI 251
Section 202 Elderly Housing 0-30% MI 78
Section 811 Disabled Housing 0-30% MI 22
On-Site Project-Based Sect. 8 0-30% MI 43
On-Site Partnership Units 0-30% MI 17
Affordable rental Housing 0-80% MI 154 12
Affordable For-Sale Housing 0-80% MI 34 25
Market Rate Rental Market Rate 48
Market Rate For-ss Housing Market Rate 149 71
Total Units 809 156

New homes at Rainier Vista

Initial funding for the project came from a $35 million HOPE VI grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1999. An additional $14.4 million in stimulus dollars — from a total of over $45 million awarded to the agency in 2009 — helped fund and complete Phase II and Phase III construction.

Together with other funding sources totaling more than $240 million, the money was used to replace all of the original 481 worn-out public housing units built in the 1940s with new mixed-income housing for renters and home owners.

Redevelopment has reconnected Rainier Vista to South Seattle, while bringing together its diverse group of residents with approximately 875 affordable and market-rate housing units.

Over 500 units of low-income housing have been replaced at Rainier Vista, both on-site and off-site, by Seattle Housing Authority and its partners.

Residents of Rainier Vista and the surrounding neighborhood benefit from on site educational and social services, specialized housing programs, a new Boys & Girls Club, parks, playgrounds, open space and public art installations.

Renters at all income levels have opportunities to live at Rainier Vista. For-sale homes can be purchased from private builders.

See the transformation at Rainier Vista, from its original construction in the 1940s through its current state of redevelopment.