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From a grateful SHA Voucher recipient


From a grateful SHA Voucher recipient

Hi, Friends at SHA! I am one of your voucher recipients and I would like to explain to you what your hard work does for someone like me.

Some very bad events in my youth set me up to be a substance abuser, and I struggled for decades to find crappy employment and worse housing. I finally managed to get sober 11 years ago in Seattle and I hit the SHA lottery in 2017. By the start of 2020, I was in my own apartment, living a dream. I am disabled, but hoping to return to work. But, I have a roof over my head, for the first time in my life (64 y.o.), it is mine as long as I am eligible and obey the rules. If I leave your program that means my health is better. So this is what a win-win feels like!

But, I will be honest with you. If I did not have this voucher, things would be pretty tough for me. I am legally blind and losing my eyesight progressively. I was in a hoarder/mold house that was making me sick with some funky condition several departments at UW couldn’t diagnose. My world is small and I live very frugally. Yet, life has never been better for me and much of the credit goes to SHA. The work that you do changes people’s lives, no one more than me.

- A grateful friend