Health and supportive services

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The Seattle Housing Authority recognizes that meeting basic health and other needs beyond housing is important to quality of life. SHA partners with service providers to support individuals living in SHA housing or with an SHA Housing Choice Voucher by providing access to health care, aging services and activities that contribute to well being. 

Often these providers have the staff and resources needed to address tenants' needs right in the community where they live. When tenants' needs are more extensive these organizations can help guide tenants to other programs.

Community-based health care, designed to help tenants successfully live and age in SHA communities, is provided by Neighborcare Health.

The agency coordinates basic health care such as immunization and foot care, and supports more thorough medical planning and follow through.


Specialized behavioral health case management services for elderly and non-elderly SHA tenants with disabilities is provided by Full Life Care.

The agency works to address crisis, promote stability,  enhance quality of life and avoid homelessness and institutionalization.

For more information, tenants should contact the social service office in their building or

The City of Seattle's Aging and Disability Services provides case management services to elderly and disabled tenants living in SHA housing (LIPH, SSHP). The program seeks to enhance quality of life, promote stability and avoid homelessness. Case managers provides outreach, consultation, crisis intervention, information and referral, and other supportive activities including counseling, medication, and/or cultural consultation to approximately 1,600 residents annually. Residents living in SHA buildings can access this resource by contacting the case manager assigned to their building directly. Case managers work out of the social service office in each building. 

Case management services, including mental health and counseling services for SHA residents who experience issues with bedbugs and clutter and who may have challenges maintaining their dwelling unit, is provided by Full Life Care.

For more information, contact

Two technology centers that serve elderly or people with disabilities are provided by Full Life Care (FLC). Find more information.

Partnering with the City of Seattle, SHA provides community gardening opportunities at High Point, Yesler Terrace, Rainier Vista and NewHolly. Learn more.


To provide a home environment specially designed and built to reduce asthma triggers, Seattle Housing Authority created the Breathe Easy Homes program, which has had remarkable results.
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In addition, there are many organizations outside of SHA that can help. 211 - Washington Information Network is the best place to learn about resources available in Seattle and King County. See our Resources pages for more information.

Please note that types of services, qualifications, and availability changes often. The best source of current information about each of these programs is through the program itself.