Renting with a voucher


Prior to issuing a Housing Choice Voucher, Seattle Housing Authority provides an orientation to participants.

Find rental listings

Get tips on how to find a home where you can use your voucher.

Neighborhood Guide

The Seattle Neighborhood Guide provides information and guidance to families that are interested in moving to a neighborhood that may offer a broader selection of schools and more opportunities for employment. Within the Neighborhood Guide, you will find information about schools, parks, libraries, transportation and community services. 

Leasing a unit

After you receive a voucher and learn about how to use it, you can begin the leasing process.

Voucher payment standards

SHA's voucher payment standards set the maximum amount that SHA pays for tenants' rent and utilities.

Utility estimates

SHA establishes utility estimates for the cost of utilities not included in the rent. 

Reviews and inspections

For most households, SHA checks once a year to make sure that participating households are still eligible for the program and recalculates the amount of voucher assistance they receive.

Reporting changes in income and household size

Participants are required to inform SHA of any changes in income or household size.

Rights and responsibilities

Housing Choice Voucher program tenants and landlords each have rights, and are subject to requirements, while participating in the program. 


After an initial 12-month lease ends, tenants can use their voucher with any Housing Choice Vouchers program in the country. The steps you must take to move with your voucher depend on the are where you plan to live. 


If SHA decides to terminate the contract with a tenant or landlord, both will be notified. In most cases, tenant may request an informal hearing to dispute a termination decision.