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Are you looking for affordable housing in Seattle? SHA may be able to help.


SHA Housing

SHA owns and operates more than 8,000 apartments and single-family homes at nearly 400 sites throughout the city through its Low-Income Public Housing Program, the Seattle Senior Housing Program and additional housing. Learn about the different housing programs, eligibility, properties that might fit your situation and how to apply. 

Housing Choice Vouchers

Through the Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly Section 8), SHA provides assistance to rent with any eligible landlord in Seattle through its Housing Choice Voucher Program. Participants in the program receive a housing subsidy in the form of a voucher that they can use to rent a unit from any landlord in Seattle who meets the requirements. Learn more about the program, eligibility, how to find housing and rent with a voucher. Please note: Registration for the Housing Choice Voucher waitlist is currently closed.

Collaborative Housing

Through the Collaborative Housing program, the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) subsidizes affordable housing that is not owned or managed by SHA. Eligibility requirements and application procedures for Collaborative Housing are different from those of other SHA programs. Households apply directly to the nonprofit agency that operates the housing.


Seattle Housing Authority will, upon request, provide reasonable accommodation to help ensure that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability is excluded from participating in, or denied the benefit of, any agency program.