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Neighbors helping neighbors in SHA communities


Neighbors helping neighbors in SHA communities

Even as we maintain social distancing during the effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, the SHA community – tenants, staff and partners – are finding ways to help each other. If you know of stories about people helping meet the needs or lift the spirits of others, let us know and we’ll share them. Email Brittney Nitta-Lee, editor of The Voice. Thanks to everyone for acts of kindness large and small throughout our SHA community.

Marcus Mosley and David Canon, employees in SHA’s solid waste division, have been going above and beyond their regular duties to make someone’s day. Read a letter to SHA leadership from a neighbor that commends Marcus and Dave.  

I’m writing to submit a commendation for Marcus and Dave, two garbage truck drivers whose route serves a couple of SHA properties that flank our alley (between 18th and 19th at Union St in the Central District).  

In mid-March my job asked me to begin working remotely and suddenly I was home with my two-year-old each Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m. when the garbage truck passed by. My son Ernie is obsessed with all kinds of trucks and ESPECIALLY with garbage trucks so we started listening for the truck and heading out onto our patio overlooking the alley when it came through. 

In the first half of 2020 the truck was driven by Dave. He would wave and say hello. He always stopped to chat for a minute about the weather or traffic. We learned about his family, and that he welcomed a new grandchild this year. He was a truly bright spot in this strange, lonely year. 

This summer Dave told us he would be training someone new to takeover the route. I worried that the new person wouldn’t have the time to wave at Ernie or exchange a friendly hello. But Dave left us in good hands. Marcus is truly the friendliest guy! He always waves and says hello, he’s explained how the garbage truck works, he’s a wonderful visitor to look forward to each week!  

Last week Ernie and I decided we’d make homemade holiday cards and package up some chocolates and salt dough Christmas ornaments to give to our favorite garbage men. When we heard Marcus’s truck in our alley we rushed outside with our little gift bags, but before we could give them to Marcus he handed Ernie a little wrapped package of his own. It was a TINY GARBAGE TRUCK!! His thoughtfulness brought me to tears.  

Please accept this heartfelt commendation for both Marcus and Dave! Every essential worker is a hero this year, but both of these guys have gone above and beyond their duties delivering public services and really made a point to connect and spread joy in the lives of our community. SHA is lucky to count these men as employees, and I’m so lucky to count on a visit from one of them every Thursday morning like clockwork!