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Agency-Based Voucher Opportunity

Agency-Based Voucher Opportunity

The Seattle Housing Authority is seeking applications from agencies and community-based organizations willing and able to partner with SHA to refer and support a defined number of program participants in obtaining and leasing in place with an SHA Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher by September 30, 2024. Eligible households must be very low-income families with children and already leased in an eligible unit in Seattle who would benefit from housing subsidy to remain stably housed. Very low income is defined as 50 percent or less of area median income, which is shown in the chart below.

The Agency-Based Voucher Opportunity is open for application only by agencies and community-based organizations. Application is open until May 17, 2024.

Request for Applications – program, eligibility and application details
Agency-Based Voucher Opportunity Application – download the application form 
The income levels listed below are current as of April 15, 2024, and may change without notice.

Household size
30% of AMI
50% of AMI


























A household's assets—money, property, and other goods having value—are taken into account when calculating income. The actual value of assets is not included, but income created from assets is. If a household has money in a savings account, for example, that money will not be added to income. If interest is earned from the money in the account, the interest will be considered part of annual income.