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Benefits of the program

Benefits of the program

Consistent rental payments

Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) portion of the contract rent is deposited directly into the landlord’s account each month without delay.

Flexibility and stability

SHA adjusts its rent portion as household income changes to ensure you receive full contract rent.

Inspections by certified staff

SHA inspects your unit at no cost to ensure that it is safe, decent, and in good repair. SHA inspections can identify necessary repairs and be used in place of the City of Seattle’s Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) inspections.

Helping others in need

Landlords experience the satisfaction of providing a place to live for low-income families while receiving a dependable source of income.

Robust supply of tenants

Consistent supply of new and moving participants to increase your tenant pool. You can also market your units directly to voucher participants via SHA​.

Support with lease enforcement

SHA cannot enforce notices but can counsel participants on complying with obligations.