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Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program

Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program

Low to moderate-income households may be eligible for rent restricted housing through the City of Seattle’s Multi-Family Tax Exemption program (MFTE). The Seattle Housing Authority partners with the City’s Office of Housing to inform voucher holders currently shopping for a home of available units.

The MFTE program provides a tax exemption to developers and owners of new multi-family buildings who set aside 20-25 percent of their units as income-and rent-restricted. By supporting mixed-income residential development in the urban centers, the MFTE program ensures affordability as the community grows.

As of May 2018, approximately 4,000 units in over 190 apartment buildings in Seattle are rent-restricted through the Multi-family Tax Exemption program and/or Incentive Zoning. These units are available to low- to moderate-income households that meet specific income requirements based on the size of the household and the number of bedrooms. Each building's property management team handles the income certification and leasing process. Inquiries about current vacancies and the application process should be directed to the property manager.

Prospective renter applicants can find more information about the MFTE program and other income and rent restricted properties through the City of Seattle here.


Property managers at buildings participating in MFTE can find compliance resources here.

  • If you are a property manager who has a property with Affirmative Marketing requirements, or you have MFTE units that you would like to notify the Seattle Housing Authority of, please contact Housing Counselors at
  • Questions regarding Affirmative Marketing requirements should be directed to Joy Hunt ( at 206.256.5359. 


Current MFTE tenants can find resources on their rights and responsibilities here.