SHA comments on City of Seattle's One Plan

In early March, the City's One Seattle Draft Plan was released by the City of Seattle for feedback from the public. Via The Voice the Seattle Housing Authority made tenants aware of the opportunity to comment. 

The City's One Seattle Draft Plan is the fundamental planning document for the City of Seattle that determines where and how the city will grow and invest in Seattle communities over the next twenty years and beyond. Once a decade, the state’s Growth Management Act requires cities to seek feedback from the community and update their local Comprehensive Plan with that feedback in mind. 

This major update, known as the City's One Seattle Plan, intends to advance a vision for the future that aligns with the City’s core values to make Seattle more equitable, livable, sustainable and resilient for today's residents and generations to come. The update largely remains consistent with the growth strategy established in the previous update that concentrates growth in designated urban centers and villages, with a few changes to zoning policies in areas formerly zoned as single-family dwellings to allow for more middle income-housing.  

In addition to encouraging tenants to provide feedback to the City, SHA wrote a comment letter affirming elements of the City's One Seattle Draft Plan that SHA supports and encouraging additional production of, and funding for affordable housing throughout the city. SHA’s comment letter was submitted to the City’s Office of Planning and Community Development on May 20.