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SHA invites public comment on proposed reductions to fees for damages to a unit


SHA invites public comment on proposed reductions to fees for damages to a unit

SHA residents are responsible for keeping their unit clean and in good working order, to care for their own furnishings, to care for their private outdoor area, and to clean and restore their unit and outdoor area to working condition at the time they move out. However, if something should break or go wrong, SHA has a highly-qualified maintenance team to help address issues with SHA units in a timely manner.

Current policy, which will remain in effect, is that normal costs of turning over a unit after a household vacates will not result in charges to the resident. Resident damages beyond normal wear and tear are those that are the result of abuse or neglect and usually require more extensive repair. Residents are responsible for fees and charges that result from damages.

SHA has developed a new and reduced schedule of maintenance fees and charges for damages beyond wear and tear. A detailed copy of the schedule may be obtained through the property management office or by emailing Below, is a summary of the key changes in the new schedule.

•    Reduces SHA’s hourly maintenance rate charged for repairs from $40 an hour to $28 an hour.
•    Establishes flat fees for things such as painting, cleaning, and the replacement of appliances. For example, SHA will charge $25 to replace a damaged window screen.
•    Establishes a sliding scale to determine charges for damages based on the average life span of the household item. For example, SHA estimates that carpet on average has a lifespan of five years. Households who damage a carpet beyond normal wear and tear would be charged on a five-year, depreciated schedule based on the age of the carpet. 

The public comment period will be open from July 1st, 2019 through August 1, 2019. To submit comment, or if you have questions, please email Or you may call 206.239.1686. To submit comment by U.S. Mail, write to Seattle Housing Authority, Attention Housing Operations, PO Box 19028, Seattle, WA 98109.  You may also  deliver your written comments in person, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the 5th floor receptionist at our physical address, 190 Queen Anne Ave N, 5th Floor, Seattle, WA 98109.