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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Control and Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Seattle Housing Authority to operate and maintain its buildings, equipment and grounds in a manner that promotes the safety of residents, staff and visitors; to protect the Authority’s physical property from damage and to maintain its useful life; and, to minimize injuries, losses and the cost of injuries and losses. The Authority will continue to take a leadership role in promoting safety and preventing or controlling risks. Safety is the responsibility of everyone—staff, residents and visitors alike.

The Housing Authority’s Risk Control program uses two main techniques to achieve the policy’s objectives; risk financing and loss control. Risk financing is the process of analyzing and identifying the types and level of losses Seattle Housing Authority can absorb through its operational budget, then determining which other losses must be handled through insurance or contractual risk transfer. Loss control is the implementation of procedures and programs which aid in the prevention of accidents. The Authority’s Safety programs – including regular inspection of buildings and equipment, training targeted at safe practices for employees and residents, and careful analysis of incident or accident data to focus training and corrective actions – are the principal tools for preventing and reducing accidents and thus for enhancing loss control.

Risk Control and Safety are the responsibility of all levels of the Seattle Housing Authority, starting with top management and extending to each individual employee. The intent of the Risk Control and Safety Policy is to ensure safe practices and to protect people and property from injury or damage. This is an ongoing operational priority.

This policy statement shall be publicized annually to residents and employees through regular publications for these audiences and through the Seattle Housing Authority’s website.