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Do you know what to put in your compost bin?


Do you know what to put in your compost bin?

The correct way to compost is to put food and food-soiled paper in the compost bin and keep plastic out. Plastic bags, containers and packaging should never be put in the compost bin because they do not break down and can contaminate compost that people use on their lawns and gardens. 

What to do with food containers

  • Scrape food out of containers and packaging and into the compost bin.
  • Cean and dry recyclable containers before putting in the recycling bin. 
  • Place all plastic bags or wraps in the garbage bin.
  • If you can't empty and clean a container, then put the whole thing  in the garbage to avoid contaminating the compost and recycling bins. 

Video: View a How to Compost Right video

What to compost:

No matter if it is scraps or ends, moldy or rotten, food can always be composted. Common  items include: 

  • Meat, fish, poultry, bones
  • Dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.)
  • Vegetable and fruit trimmings
  • Egg shells, bread, pasta and coffee grounds
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Paper coffee filters
  • Food-soiled cardboard like pizza boxes
  • Non-shiny/uncoated food-soiled paper like napkins, paper towels, brown paper bags and paper plates

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