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Now open for business


Now open for business

Yasmin's dream was to open her own child care center. She grew up in a large family and helped care for her siblings, "I always liked kids and my mom had a lot of kids, so I used to babysit them," she said. 

She interned at a preschool while attending college in California and earning an Associates of Arts degree in Child Development. Yasmin said, "I was happy about working with kids, even though at that time, I didn't know I was going to have my own kids." 

She moved to Minnesota and worked at a daycare center for seven years before relocating to Seattle.  She said, "Before I got married, I wanted to open my own child care. After I came to Seattle, I was scared to open it because I have my own kids now and I wanted to do it right. " 

A neighbor encouraged Yasmin to attend a JobLink orientation session. It was there that she learned SHA's employment and educational program could also provide her with resources to help her open her own business. "That's when I met Larry, at the JobLink workshop -- I got his business card and called him," said Yasmin. "If it wasn't for Larry, I probably wouldn't get a lot of things done." 

Yasmin met with Larry, a JobLink Career Coach, once or twice a week. He helped her through the process of reviewing and fulfilling all the requirements and paperwork required to open a child care center. After she received her license, she transformed her High Point home into an inviting space for children. 

"Larry is a very very patient person. He was encouraging and kept telling me that I can do it," she said. "I probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for him. Even though I'm passionate about kids, I was looking for support that will be there for me." 

Yasmina's Childcare is now open at High Point in West Seattle. For information, please email

For more information about JobLink, please email or call 206.615.3366.