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SHA residents may notice changes to operations in their buildings


SHA residents may notice changes to operations in their buildings

Over the course of April, the Seattle Housing Authority will be updating some of the protocols put in place at the start of the pandemic. With King County entering Phase III of the state’s reopening plan and with changes in science and case data, a faster than anticipated rate of vaccination and updated public health guidance, SHA is adjusting selected parts of its operations. SHA will continue to closely monitor the situation and may reverse or otherwise adjust these changes if new COVID-19 data or guidance indicate it would be prudent to do so. Staff working on-site on these activities will continue to prioritize the health and safety of residents and will follow all COVID-19 safety measures and protocols. Residents may start to see operational changes in four areas.

Sanitizatizing of Buildings 

After a year of sanitizing residential buildings twice daily, SHA will shift to one time per day Monday to Friday beginning the week of April 5. The previous more frequent schedule was implemented out of an abundance of caution, but current science shows that surface contaminants pose a low risk of spreading COVID-19 and the twice-daily regimen is not necessary. 

Work Orders 

Work orders for repairs and maintenance have been limited to emergency and urgent work orders only, or those with the potential to escalate to emergency and urgent issues. Beginning April 5, SHA will resume routine work orders at many locations. 

Annual Inspections 

SHA has been conducting only life and safety inspections, including testing of smoke alarms in residential units. Beginning the week of April 26, SHA will resume regular annual inspections, starting with select locations.

Capital Projects

SHA will resume some capital projects that were put on hold. This will include the resumption of projects such as work in common areas and some limited in-unit work such as window replacements. Planning for this work is under way and residents can expect to see activity start at some SHA locations in May and June. Projects that require the relocation of residents, upgrading elevators in buildings that have only one elevator, and prolonged in-unit work in family units remain on hold.