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Leaving SHA

Leaving SHA

Individuals planning to leave SHA please see Exit Guide which covers steps involved in the separation process in detail. Should you have further questions, please contact our Human Resources Benefits Administrator at 206.615.3328.

  • Contact Washington State Retirement System 800.547.6657 if you are planning to retire.
  • Advise your immediate supervisor of your plan to leave SHA employment.
  • Review the Employee Exit Guide.
  • Make sure Human Resources has your current (or forwarding) address for COBRA notification and W-2.
  • Forms to convert to individual optional plan coverages are available from the Human Resources Department and are submitted directly to the carrier. If you have questions, please contact HR Benefits Administrator at 206.615.3328.
  • If you participate in the Deferred Compensation Program, contact the Washington State Deferred Compensation at 800.423.1524.
  • Talk to Payroll 206.615.3389 if you are planning to put your accrued leave cash out into your deferred compensation account.
  • Turn in your Orca pass and SHA badge to the Human Resources Department.

An Important Note for Employees Considering Retirement:

Please note that the Washington State Retirement System and the City of Seattle have specific eligibility rules that SHA retirees must follow. There may be times that Federal Medicare rules may additionally complicate eligibility enrollment, especially for early retirees. It is important to get more details and options before you make your final decision to retire!  Visit the SHA retirement page for additional information.

COBRA Coverage

Under this law you are eligible to purchase continued medical only or medical, dental and vision coverage under certain circumstances when your group health plan coverage with SHA ends.

If you are SHA employee and are receiving medical, dental and vision coverage, you and your covered dependents have the right to elect COBRA continuation coverage for up to 18 months if your coverage is lost because of one of these qualifying events:

  • Your employment ends for reason other than gross misconduct.
  • Your work hours are reduced to the point where you no longer are eligible for benefits.

The 18-month COBRA continuation period may be extended to 29 months if you or a family member (who is a qualified beneficiary) is disabled according to Social Security at the time of one of the aforementioned qualifying events. This 11-month extension is available to all qualified beneficiaries who lose coverage due to termination of employment or a reduction of hours at an additional cost. Covered family members have the right to choose COBRA continuation coverage for up to 36 months if coverage is lost for any of the following qualifying events:

  • Death of the employee.
  • Divorce or legal separation of the employee and spouse or dissolution of the domestic partnership.
  • A dependent child loses dependent child status under the City's plan.

City of Seattle Retiree Medical Plan

If you begin receiving a monthly PERS retirement payment or disability retirement benefit immediately after leaving SHA employment or within the period of time while you are on COBRA, you have the option to enroll under the City Retiree Medical Plan. Contact Human Resources for more details.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Your coverage ends the last day of the month for which you've paid premiums. Payroll deductions are taken from the first check of each month for that month's coverage.

Group Term Life Insurance + Supplement GTL

You may convert your group term life insurance by submitting an application card to Standard Insurance Company within 30 days of termination. Contact Human Resources to obtain the application card.

Long Term Care

Your coverage ends the last day of the month for which you’ve paid premiums. Payroll deductions are taken on the second paycheck of each month for the following month’s coverage. You have the option to continue your Long Term Care insurance coverage after you leave SHA employment. If you wish to continue coverage after employment, you must submit an Election to Continue

Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

From within 30 days of when the group coverage ends. Please contact Human Resources to request an Election to Continue Your Long Term Care Insurance Coverage Form.

Long Term Disability

Your coverage ends the last day of the month for which you've paid premiums.  Payroll deductions are taken the first pay check of each month for the current month's coverage.  

Flexible Spending Account

If you cease employment during the plan year, you have the following options.

  • STOP – Your final paycheck will have the normal deduction and your participation will cease. You may be reimbursed only for services incurred on or before the termination date.
  • ACCELERATE – You may accelerate your Health Care Spending Account contributions for the remainder of the plan year out of your last paycheck.
  • COBRA – Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to continue participation on an after‐tax basis through COBRA.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

You and your family members are eligible to use EAP services within sixty days of your last day on SHA payroll. Please contact the Human Resources Department if you have any additional questions about your EAP benefits.

HAIG Insurance

Your HAIG free life insurance terminates on your last day of employment. 

Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET)

If you are currently participating on GET payroll deduction, please call 800.955.2318 to find out on how you can change your payment method.