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Community building

Community building

Community building puts Seattle Housing Authority residents at the forefront of efforts to build their neighborhoods. It happens when people from across the community come together to imagine their ideal community and then use their resources to achieve those visions. Residents dream, plan, and make the collective vision of their neighborhood come to life.

How it works

The community building process works to increase resident self-sufficiency, improve quality of life, and help better integrate public housing residents with the greater Seattle community.

It does this by building on community strengths, working together, forming partnerships, and encouraging broad participation. It supports families, children, and seniors, values cultural diversity, and requires racial equity. It recognizes that new programs and policies must be shaped by the residents of the communities affected by them.

Community Builders

Seattle Housing Authority's Community Builders encourage and support residents who get involved in their communities and in the policy discussions that affect them:

High Point: Ella McRae, 206.519-7426

Lake City Court: Teroshua Thomas,, 206.910.2648

Low Income Public Housing properties north: Gretchen Bear,, 206.802.8356

Low Income Public Housing properties south: Shantii Martin, 206.459.0905

NewHolly: Phillippia Goldsmith; 206.915.3575

Rainier Vista: Jeniffer Calleja,, 206.722.4010. Ext 12

Seattle Senior Housing Program properties: Marie Girard,, 206.839.7545

Yesler Terrace: Ben Wheeler,, 206.615.3579