Rent assistance

What can I do if I need help paying rent this month?

Call 2-1-1 Washington Information Network for current information about agencies providing rental assistance. Keep in mind that several rental assistance programs can only be accessed through a 2-1-1 telephone screening.

  • Write down the contact information, hours of operation and eligibility info for agencies suggested by the 2-1-1 operator
  • When you contact the agencies, make notes about the conversations (examples: “left message, need to call back” “appointment on Monday at 2:00”)
  • Generally, lowest call volumes are on Wednesday –Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Call from a landline if you have limited cell phone minutes

Tip: If agencies report that funds are not currently available, ask when they will receive funding again so that you can contact them at that time

I’ve already called the agencies suggested by 2-1-1 and rental assistance was not available. What else can I do?

Contact your landlord before rent is due.

  • Inform your landlord ahead of time that you are unable to pay the full rent on time this month, explain your circumstances when possible
  • Ask if your landlord is willing to make a payment arrangement to allow you to pay later in the month
  • Tell your landlord your plan to find the money to pay the rent

Who else can I ask about rental assistance?

  • Community agencies or religious organizations you currently receive services from might be able to help
  • Family and friends might be willing to assist or provide a loan

What are other short term income options?

  • Housekeeping, babysitting, haircuts, lawn care, sewing, day-to-day employment agencies, sale of household items