Income and family changes - SHA Housing

Low Income Public Housing and Seattle Senior Housing residents are required to periodically provide Seattle Housing Authority with information about their job, income, and the people living in their household. If these things change, residents need to contact their property manager or report the changes through the SHA Portal within 14 days. 

Annual reviews

Most Low Income Public Housing residents have reviews once per year. These annual reviews are done for each household and are based on anticipated income and expenses.Residents who live in certain types of units—those financed by tax credits or bonds—also have reviews conducted every year. Residents on fixed incomes in some units are reviewed once every three years.

Failure to comply with Seattle Housing Authority's annual review request may result in the removal of your housing assistance. If this happens, you become responsible for the full market rent for your unit. Assistance may be reinstated if residents submit the information required to complete the annual review.

Interim reviews

Seattle Housing Authority processes interim reviews for the following reasons:

  • Changes in household composition and/or size
  • Changes in household income or assets
  • Changes in the student status of any household member

If you have an adult household member who enrolls in school full-time, or who is no longer a full-time student, you are required to report the change within 14 calendar days. These changes may affect qualifications to live in a tax credit unit and may affect your total household income.

Residents are required to report any change in income or household composition to Seattle Housing Authority no later than 14 calendar days after the change happens. Changes may be submitteds in writing by contacting your property manager. Completing the Change of Income or Household Circumstance form [PDF] will initiate an interim review if needed. If you have questions or need to request an accommodation to complete the form, please contact us.

Residents who fail to report changes in household composition, income, assets, or student status within 14 calendar days of the change, may have their assistance terminated. They may also be charged retroactively to the date the change should have been reported. If this happens, the amount will be applied back to the date the change took place and residents will owe Seattle Housing Authority back rent.

Completing a review

Current information is needed for the review. Residents are required to provide written verification for each person 18 years or older who will be living in the household and note all sources of income expected for all household members.

Notice of a rent change

Low Income Public Housing residents will be given a minimum of 30 days notice before a rent increase. If the rent increase is greater than 10 percent, 60 days notice will be given, in accordance with Seattle landlord-tenant law. In cases of fraud or non-compliance, a new rent amount will be applied back to the date the income or household change took place, and residents will owe Seattle Housing Authority back rent.

If the reported change in income is due to becoming employed after being unemployed for the past six consecutive months, and the change is reported no later than 14 calendar days from the date of employment, a 90 day notice of the rent increase will be given.