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P-Patch community gardening

P-Patch community gardening

Partnering with the City of Seattle, SHA provides community gardening opportunities at High Point, Yesler Terrace, Rainier Vista and NewHolly. Tenants may grow organic produce for themselves and their families while developing relationships with neighbors of diverse nationalities, which in turn builds the community. The program serves approximately 400 individuals.  

P-Patch market gardens

At two gardens in NewHolly and High Point, gardeners can work communally and sell their organic produce through the City of Seattle's Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) and at farm stands. P-Patch staff work with the gardeners to develop and manage the gardens, along with selling and marketing the produce. 

Youth gardens

P-Patches can provide young people with  an innovative way to learn about nutrition and to connect with their community through gardening.  

To learn more about these programs tenants can contact the community builder for their property.