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Paying utilities - SHA Housing tenants

Paying utilities - SHA Housing tenants

Frequently asked questions

Who do I pay for utilities?

Electricity service is provided and billed by Seattle City Light.

For buildings that have gas, gas service is provided and billed by Puget Sound Energy.

Water and sewer service is provided by Seattle Public Utilities. Tenants whose water and sewer services are not included in their rent receive a bill from Guardian Water and Power, SHA’s billing vendor.

Pickup of garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste is provided by SHA and/or Seattle Public Utilities and is included in rent.

Tenants in Jefferson Terrace or Holly Court have all utilities included in their rent.

I am not receiving my bill. What should I do?

Please contact your property manager.

Who starts or stops utility services?

SHA staff are responsible for initiating utility service in the tenant’s name and stopping service upon move-out. For any problems with utility service, please contact your property manager.

My bill is too expensive. Can I receive help?

Most SHA tenants are eligible for a utility discount and the discount should be automatically applied to the utility account. If the discount does not appear on your bill, contact your property manager as soon as possible to request the discount be applied. Tenants are responsible for paying the amount that appears on their bill.

Tenants who cannot pay  their bill must contact the utility at the phone number on the bill and request a payment plan. Tenants may also be eligible for emergency assistance  through a utility assistance program.

If you need further assistance see Utility bill assistance for additional resources.