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Utility bill assistance

Utility bill assistance

What can I do if I need help paying my utility bill?

Contact  one of these programs:

  • Centerstone Energy Assistance Program
  • Seattle City Light Emergency Low Income Assistance Program

Tip:  These two agencies provide most of the utility assistance in Seattle. You must contact Centerstone first, Seattle City Light cannot assist until you have been assisted by Centerstone or have been notified that Centerstone is out of funds

1.800.348.7144 (for appointments) or 206.812.4940 (for information)

Seattle City Light (ELIA)

Seattle City Light Utility Discount Program

Call 2-1-1, Washington Information Network to find out if additional resources are available:

Tips when calling 2-1-1:

  • Generally, lowest call volumes are on Wednesday –Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Call from a landline if you have limited cell phone minutes
  • Write down the contact information, hours of operation and eligibility info for agencies suggested by the 2-1-1 operator
  • When you contact the agencies, make notes about the conversations (examples: “left message, need to call back” “appointment on Monday at 2:00”)
  • If agencies report that funds are not currently available, ask when they will receive funding againso that you can contact them at that time

I’ve already called the agencies listed above, and those suggested by 2-1-1, but utility assistance was not available.  What else can I do?

Contact your utility company before the bill is past due:

  • Seattle City Light: 206.684.3000
  • Puget Sound Energy: 1.888.225.5773
  • Seattle Public Utilities: 206.684.3000 

If asked, utility companies may be willing to allow you to make alternative payment arrangements:

  • Advocate for yourself by offering to pay what you can each month, or by asking to speak with a supervisor

Who else can I ask about utility assistance?

  • Community agencies or religious organizations you currently receive services from might be able to help
  • Family and friends might be willing to assist or provide a loan