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Other business opportunities

Other business opportunities

Commercial space available in Seattle Housing Authority communities

The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) has four non-residential commercial spaces available for lease in SHA communities throughout Seattle. Each space is ground level with a street-facing entrance. SHA is seeking for-profit or non-profit organizations that will enhance the community. Lease terms and rents may be negotiated to reflect community benefit. Please click on link below for specific site locations, descriptions and approximate rent ranges.

Commercial space available in SHA communities 

Surplus for sale
See the latest items for sale by Seattle Housing Authority at Public Surplus.
Rooftop antenna leasing

Seattle Housing Authority leases rooftop space to several telecommunication providers. The service providers pay a monthly fee and provide all maintenance for their equipment. All installations are reviewed and inspected. In addition, service providers are required to make regular inspections and to insure that their equipment is maintained in accordance with all local, state and federal laws. Income from a lease goes to the specific building's operations. For more information, contact  Sibyl Glasby at 206-615-3553 or