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Payment and invoices

Payment and invoices

Seattle Housing Authority will generally issue payment for goods and services received within 30 days of receipt of an invoice or pursuant to the terms of the specific contract, if different from this general policy.

  • Vendors must indicate the purchase order or contract number on all invoices, correspondence, and any related documents regarding a contract or purchase order. 
  • Vendors may ship partial orders and submit partial invoices, unless the purchase order or contract directs otherwise. 
  • Vendors and contractors must address all invoices to the Seattle Housing Authority, Seattle Housing Authority, 101 Elliott Ave W, Suite 100, P.O. Box 79015, Seattle, Washington, 98119., or as indicated in the contract/purchase order, or as otherwise instructed. An incorrect billing address may cause a delay in payment. 


To submit an invoice, use (a non-monitored email).

To reach AP staff, use