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Garbage, recycling and compost for homeowners

Garbage, recycling and compost for homeowners

Alert -- Inclement weather notice for week ending February 16th - Updated 2/12/19, 3:35 PM

No residential waste collection Tuesday, February 12th due to significant snow and remaining on the streets. SPU's contractor is working on a two-day delay right now, so a Tuesday recycling collection will likely take place Thursday. 

We will attempt to collect garbage and compost for New Holly on Thursday, High Point on Friday, and Rainier Vista on Saturday.

Missed Collections: We understand that some customers will have accumulated significant trash due to one or more missed pickups. Customers who have had one missed collection will be permitted to leave out extra bags equivalent to double the normal amount of waste allowed, and those who have missed two collections will be permitted triple the normal amount.

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New Homeowner Information and Rate Sheet for 2018-2019

Collection schedules


2019 High Point Collection Calendar
2019 New Holly East of 32nd Ave S Collection Calendar
2019 New Holly West of 32nd Ave S Collection Calendar
2019 Rainier Vista Collection Calendar

NewHolly is split into two collection areas. Each area has different recycle collection days.

Please Contact us if you need assistance figuring out where your home falls on the map.

Report a missed collection

All containers must be out for collection between 7 am and 7 pm on collection day in order to be collected. If your container is not collected, please leave it at the curb so that we can collect the following day. We need to be made aware of any missed collections within 24 hours of your collection day.

Email us at to report a missed collection or call us at 206-716-1310,  Monday – Friday, 7:00 am- 3:30 pm. Please include your name, address, and phone number as well as which container was not collected as scheduled (garbage, compost, or recycle).

Rates, billing and payments

Tips for sorting waste