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If Seattle Housing Authority decides to terminate the contract with you or your landlord, both will be notified. In most cases, you have the right to request an informal hearing to dispute a termination decision.


Seattle Housing Authority may terminate your assistance when your income increases to the point that the assistance is not needed. It may also be terminated because you have not fulfilled program obligations. Seattle Housing Authority will terminate your assistance if:

  • Any household member engages in drug-related criminal activity or violence against persons or property, or is subject to a sex offender registration requirement.
  • There are serious and repeated violations of the lease, documented by the landlord.
  • A member of the household seriously disturbs neighbors or destroys property, documented by the landlord, neighbors, and police reports.
  • Any household member commits fraud, bribery or any other corrupt or criminal act.
  • The household owes rent or other amounts to Seattle Housing Authority or another public housing authority and fails to stay current on a payment plan.
  • The household fails to submit income documentation or other information requested by Seattle Housing Authority, including Social Security numbers or consent forms.
  • No member of the household has eligible immigration status.
  • Any household member engages in actual physical abuse or threatens abusive or violent behavior toward a resident, member of the public or Seattle Housing Authority personnel.
  • The household violates any other program rules.
Termination by the tenant

You can terminate assistance at any time by voluntarily giving up your voucher. If this happens, the lease remains in effect, and you will be responsible for paying the entire rent amount. The terms of the Tenancy Addendum no longer apply if you stop participating in the program.

Termination by the landlord

If you are evicted by your landlord, your assistance is terminated and Seattle Housing Authority stops sending housing assistance payments to the landlord.

The landlord may evict a tenant who violates the lease, but any eviction must be done in accordance with the lease and state and local law. Landlords must send copies of any eviction notices to Seattle Housing Authority at the same time they are sent to the tenant.

Termination of landlord's contract

Seattle Housing Authority may stop making assistance payments to the landlord and terminate their contract if they breach their contract, violate the lease, or do not abide by other terms of the program.