Income and family changes - Housing Choice Vouchers

All changes in income (increases and decreases) or changes in household members must be reported to Seattle Housing Authority within 10 business days of the change.
The information may be submitted in the following ways:
SHA Portal
Register an SHA Portal account, and once logged in select Report a change and follow the prompts to submit your information.
Email or letter
Please provide the details of the change, such as which household member has an income change, what the change is, the date the change occurred and employer contact information. Please include supporting documentation verifying the change.
Complete the forms below and email to, mail, fax, or bring the required forms to our Central Office at 101 Elliott Ave W, Suite 100, PO Box 79015, Seattle WA 98119Seattle WAReport a Change of Income or Household Information [PDF]
If you are requesting to add new household members, you will need to complete two additional forms below or use the online SHA Portal.