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JobLink Program Overview

JobLink Program Overview

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Are you ready to find a job or get more training? Tenants in the JobLink program work with Career Coaches to map out their individual plans for better employment.

JobLink services help tenants:

  • Learn about in-demand jobs
  • Build skills for preparing for a job, including resume writing and interviewing
  • Develop an Individual Road Map to reach job and education goals
  • Receive assistance to help address individual needs and take the next step
  • Learn about education and training options, including funding for school
  • Get help with building assets through financial training; and
  • Learn about homeownership

Tenants, age 18 and older, are eligible to participate, regardless of their education level.

To get on a waitlist to obtain JobLink services please submit a JobLink Interest Form.

For more information, please call the JobLink team at 206.615.3366, email or visit a JobLink office location.

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Seventy percent of jobs in Washington State require some education beyond high school.