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JobLink Program Overview

JobLink Program Overview

Are you ready to find a job or get more training? Tenants in the JobLink program work with the JobLink team to map out their individual plans for better employment.

SHA's JobLink team includes Career Coaches, Employer Brokers, a Client Engagement Coordinator, and a Money Mentor. JobLink also partners with College Navigators at the Seattle College District who work exclusively with SHA tenants on enrolling for school and securing funding.

JobLink services help tenants:

  • Learn about jobs in key industries;
  • Build skills for preparing for a job, including resume writing and interviewing;
  • Develop an Action Plan to reach job and education goals;
  • Receive assistance to help address individual needs;
  • Learn about education and training options, including funding for school; and
  • Get help with building financial wellness and setting financial goals, including homeownership.


Tenants, age 18 and older, are eligible to participate, regardless of their education level.

To get on a waitlist to obtain JobLink services please submit a JobLink Interest Form.

For more information, please call the JobLink team at 206.615.3366, email or visit a JobLink office location.

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