Jill | Nursing is her 'soul language'

Housing gives single mom stability to pursue a graduate degree

"Along the road I knew I needed advancement—for myself, for my family and my community.” 

It’s been a long journey for Jill, a Seattle University, College of Nursing student, who waited six years for SHA housing. After calling in every month to maintain her place on the waitlist, she received a call that would help stabilize her life.

"I was a single parent, doing my part to take care of my family. Along the road I knew I needed more advancement—for myself, for my family and my community,” said Jill. 

She had been taking basic biology classes at a community college and some of her instructors and fellow classmates had been encouraging her to pursue a graduate degree in nursing. Affordable housing made it easier for her to take the next step.

“Nursing is my soul language. I think most of us have that nursing soul—we are mothers, sisters, friends—children also have that nursing soul, they love animals.“  

Living through many challenging times, witnessing the daily struggles of her neighbors, and volunteering in homeless communities all contributed to Jill's strong belief in social justice and influenced her decision to focus her nursing career in public health.

"I think about vulnerable underserved populations—low income people, homeless, children, refugees, migrant workers .... I care and I want to help,” said Jill.





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