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Technology training

Technology training

Technology training for people with disabilities and seniors is provided by Full Life Care at two SHA locations.  

Special Technology Access Resource (STAR) Center

The STAR Center at SHA's Center Park property provides residents with disabilities access to specialized training and technology. Classes offered to residents include  the basics of using computers, printers, scanners, the Internet as well as employment skills training, adult basic education and ESL. The lab is free and open to the public.

2600 S Walker St., Seattle WA 98144

Westwood Heights Computer Center

The Westwood Heights Computer Center is a senior-friendly computer lab offering free use and training of computer technology to residents. It features large print images and screens, as well as computers with a keyboard and mouse designed for use by those with limited dexterity. Structured training sessions are available.

9455 27th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98126
206.932.6942 ext. 16      

Full Life Care may provide basic support to computer labs at additional SHA properties. Tenants can check with their property manager for more information.