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Long Term Care

Long Term Care

The Seattle Housing Authority offers a group long term care insurance program through UNUM Insurance.  This program of insurance is voluntary and portable upon termination.  Long Term Care (LTC) is defined as the type of care received when someone needs assistance with Activities of Daily Living; basic activities like personal care and cleansing. 

Newly hired employees have 30 days from date of hire to sign up for Guarantee Issue coverage.  This Guarantee Issue period gives new employees the opportunity to apply for up to a $6000 month benefit for a three or six year benefit period without providing medical history or related medical information.  Use the LTC calculator to calculate the monthly benefit cost.  New hires enrolling in the Guarantee Issue coverage (within 30 days from date of hire) only need to complete the Unum enrollment form.

LTC Calculator

All active employees and newly hired employees who enroll after the Guarantee Issue enrollment period or choose benefits over the Guarantee Issue limits will be required to fill out the enrollment form and complete the medical questionnaire process.

Coverage may be purchased for employees, employees' spouse or domestic partner, employees' parents or grandparents, employees' sibling(s) or children age 18 and over, or the spouse's/domestic partner's parents or grandparents.  The cost of the insurance will be based on the benefits selected as well as the applicant's age at the time the coverage goes into effect.

Each Persons make sure to complete online the following:

  • Unum Enrollment Form
  • Evidence of Insurability Form (EOI)
  • Authorization to Request Medical Information Form (ARMI)

You can also find more details on the UNUM website at

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of Long Term Care, please contact our HR Benefits Administrator at 206.615.3328.