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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability

The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) offers Long Term Disability Insurance that provides you with income if you are unable to work due to a disabling illness or injury. The basic LTD policy will combine with other income sources, if any, to provide you with 60% of the first $667 of your pre-disability earnings up to a maximum benefit of $400 per month while you are unable to work.

SHA offers the opportunity to purchase additional LTD coverage. The additional LTD protection will combine with other income sources, if any, to provide you with 60% of your monthly base pay over $667 up to a maximum $8,333 of monthly base pay. The cost of the premium is shared between the employee and SHA.

There is a longer waiting period for pre-existing conditions if you apply during open enrollment. Your monthly cost will automatically increase each time your pay increases.

View the Certificate of Insurance for more details.

LTD Conversion Request Form

How much will supplemental disability coverage cost?

The cost for this additional level of earnings protection is figured according to the following formula: Subtract $667 from your base monthly pay. Multiply the remaining amount by .00384. For example, if your base monthly pay is $2,000, your monthly premium would be $5.12 per month. ($2,000 - $667 = $1,333 x .00384 = $5.12/month)

Please note: This benefit is through the City of Seattle. Seattle Housing Authority is subject to the City of Seattle's eligibility rules and regulations for the benefits that we receive through them.  Any request from an employee that is outside the guidelines set by the City of Seattle requires written approval from them .

The City of Seattle intends to continue these plans indefinitely but reserves the right to amend or terminate them at anytime in whole or part, for any reason, according to the amendment and termination procedures described in the legal documents. The Benefits Guide does not create a contract of employment with Seattle Housing Authority or its employees.