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Public Employees Retirement System

Public Employees Retirement System

Most Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) employees are eligible to be a member of the Washington Department of Retirement Systems (DRS), Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).  Membership is defined by Washington State statutes, and is mandatory if you are hired into an "eligible" position.  If you are retired from or have been a member of the Seattle, Spokane or Tacoma Employee's Retirement System, your PERS enrollment must be verified and approved by DRS. It is the employee's responsibility to indicate previous PERS membership on their Retirement Status form.

Both SHA and the employee contribute to the retirement system.  PERS contribution rates are base on the plan enrollment and current legislation.  Detailed information about the retirement plan and option choices can be found by visiting the Department of Retirement website at  You can also contact DRS at 800.547.6657.

As a new member of the Washington State Department of Retirement Services, you will be enrolled in PERS 2.  You will have 90 days to elect PERS 3.  If you do not submit the DRS Member Information Form within the 90-day enrollment period, you will remain in PERS 2.  Once the 90-day enrollment period has ended, your plan choice will be irrevocable.  Please be sure to check the Washington State DRS website to find out the different resources available to you in helping you make your decision.

Beneficiary:  You can change your beneficiary designation at anytime.  This beneficiary form is to used to designate or change the person, estate, trust or organization to receive any money due from your retirement account at the time of your death.  Return the completed form to DRS.  Please be sure to keep a copy for your records. Seattle Housing Authority does not keep a copy in your beneficiary records.