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Washington Deferred Compensation Program

Washington Deferred Compensation Program

The Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) allows you to defer and invest part of your income and save on your taxes at the same time. It is a supplemental retirement savings program (an IRC Section 457 plan) that offers a wide range of investment opportunities, and is directly administered by Washington State Deferred Compensation, part of the Washington State Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

You can sign up for deferred compensation at any time. Please note that access to this money, once it is deferred, is governed by very strict IRS regulations and is not readily available to you. To sign up for the Deferred Compensation Program, complete the enrollment form and return it directly to DCP.

For current information on the minimum and maximum amounts you can contribute please visit the Dept. of Retirement Systems (DRS) website.  Participants age 50 or or older are allowed to contribute an additional amount as a catch-up.  If you have an IRA or retirement plan from a previous employer, you can rollover those funds into DCP.


You can change your beneficiary anytime. Return your completed beneficiary form directly to DRS. Please be sure to keep a copy for your records. Seattle Housing Authority does not keep a copy in your beneficiary records.

For more information:

  • Log on to the DCP website.  
  • Call the DCP Information Line at 800.547.6657.