Find rental listings

How can I find a great home where I can use my voucher?

  • Search online using multiple websites, such as: - Many landlords participating in SHA's Housing Choice Voucher program list their vacancies here.

  • Ask friends and relatives about available rentals.
  • Walk or drive around neighborhoods you are interested in and look for “for rent” signs.

Be prepared to meet with landlords

  • Call or email landlord about the rentals you find. Make notes about the conversation (for example: left message, need to call back, appointment on Monday at 2:00) If the unit is rented already, ask if the landlord has other vacancies coming up or other buildings.
  • Ask about screening criteria before you apply and how flexible the landlord is with the criteria.
  • Be on time and make a great first impression.
  • Bring all documents and information you may need to complete the application (such as: id, income proof, voucher documents, contact info for references and old landlords or roommates).

Consider expanding your search if you are still having trouble

  • Come to housing search open hours on Thursdays at the SHA Central Office  (101 Elliott Ave W, Suite 100, Seattle) from 10 a.m. -12:p.m.. or contact the Housing Counselor team at 206.239.1739 or by emailing to meet or get>
  • Re-prioritize your needs and explore other neighborhoods.

Respond if your application is denied

  • Get the “adverse action” from property management: this will show you the reason for denial in writing.
  • Ask the property to appeal your denial, double check your adverse action, are there errors on the screening background?
  • Ask if anything you can do to turn that denial into an approval (for example, provide more rental references, provide a personal statement like a cover letter, pay a higher deposit, get a cosigner)
  • If you feel you have been discriminated against contact the Seattle Office of Civil Rights: 206.684.4500


Upon request, Seattle Housing Authority will provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities so they can participate in SHA program.