Utility estimates

Seattle Housing Authority establishes utility estimates for the cost of utilities not included in the rent. They are based on the typical cost of utilities and services paid by energy-conservative households that occupy housing of the same size and utility responsibility in the same locality.
Estimates are not based on an individual family's actual energy consumption and do not include non-essential utility costs, such as telephone or cable.
Other housing authorities may call this a utility allowance.
In general, households pay at least 30 percent—but no more than 40 percent—of monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities. Households may pay more than 40 percent of income after the first year. Monthly adjusted income is a household's gross income, after certain deductions and allowances are taken into account.
This chart represents estimated costs for any utilities or services for which a tenant is responsible, meaning the tenant pays the bill or the landlord charges the tenant extra for the utility bill. To determine utility estimate, select the group that most closely represents utility responsibilities according to the lease, and then select the bedroom size that is the lower of the voucher size or the size of the leased unit.
Number of bedrooms
Tenant pays all utilities
Tenant pays electricity, heat
Tenant pays electricity only
Tenant pays no utlilities
Studio $140 $35 $20 $0
1 $160 $50 $25 $0
2 $260 $65 $35 $0
3 $400 $100 $50 $0
4 $550 $155 $75 $0
5 and above $695 $220 $110 $0

Effective February 1, 2023 for Tenant Based move-ins. Effective April 1, 2023 for Project Based move-ins and all annual recertifications. These estimates will remain in effect for 2024.

* Yesler, Rainier Vista, Lake City Court, High Point and NewHolly use a different utility schedule